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56 eye-melting screens of the most hilariously over-the-top bloom lighting in video game history

Above: Okay, not too bad in here, but notice that horrible blurry thing on the far right. That appears in order to 'simulate' corner-eye light-bleed, seemingly whenever I'm facing within 180 degrees of any light source. It's super-realistic and super-helpful. And I am lying about both of those factors

Above: A quick close inspection reveals that the red neon lights might even have physical fake bloom built into their art. Pioneering overkill!

Above: Hmmm, that old ladder and (matte) scuffed metal look okay. Let's go that way

Above: NO! They glow with the brightness of a thousand suns!

Above: As do the shelves. Which must make stock-taking in this warehouse borderline impossible

Above: And you know what's really reflective and glowy in real life? Yeah, bare concrete

Above: Vertically too. Hardly any light source required. Concrete is a miracle of science

Above: More neon. Not too bad, but I do feel like I have cataracts at this stage in proceedings

Above: Matte door and bare brick. Glowing. I need to investigate this further


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