50 greatest movie cats

20. General Sterling Price

The Cat: Rooster Cogburns feline companion was sadly omitted from the recent remake, denying Jeff Bridges the chance to deliver the classic line: He dont belong to me cats dont belong to nobody. He just rooms with me.

If It Was A Dog: Theres not a dog alive that could keep up with Cogburns hard-living ways. Cats on the other hand, are very partial to the occasional tot of grog.

19. Alex

The Cat: Alex the lion is one of the merry band who escape New Yorks Central Park Zoo and end up shipped back to Africa. He has a wonderful singing voice, as anyone who has listened to his rendition of New York New York will attest to.

If It Was A Dog: Central Park Zoo would have hit upon hard times indeed.

18. Bagheera

The Cat: If Baloo brings the joie de vivre to the party, Bagheera the panther is the brains of the outfit. Smart, haughty, loyal and loving, as all good cats should be.

If It Was A Dog: You dont get many dogs in the jungle. He might seem a bit out of place.

17. Baby

The Cat: The baby leopard who ends up as a kind of surrogate child to Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant in this screwball comedy. Hey, there are worse homes you could end up in

If It Was A Dog: The whole plot would go out of the window. Other than that, it would probably work.

16. DC

The Cat: A Siamese tomcat who ends up as a secret agent for the FBI, helping them to foil the exploits of a gang of bank robbers. They wouldve gotten away with it too, if it hadnt been for that darn cat

If It Was A Dog: Dogs are a bit too enthusiastic for undercover work. Sorry, Fido.

15. Rufus The Zombie Cat

The Cat: Poor old Rufus. Having mysteriously turned up dead in Jeffrey Combs fridge, he becomes transformed into a hideous zombie cat, only to be killed again. Just the seven lives remaining then

If It Was A Dog: Even a crackpot scientist wouldnt keep a dead dog in their fridge. Yeesh!

14. The Cheshire Cat

The Cat: Stephen Fry voices the psychedelic cat in Tim Burtons lush adaptation, and his lazily undulating form is probably the one part of the film in which the 3D effects really work. The rest of the film might seem oddly flat, but the Cheshire Cat is a tactile treat.

If It Was A Dog: Dogs arent as enigmatic as cats a canine version wouldnt work half as well.

13. Si & Am

The Cats: A pair of born troublemakers, the Siamese duo Si and Am constantly try to drop Lady in the sticky stuff, eventually gettinge her muzzled over a perceived fight. What a pair of rotters.

If They Were Dogs: They would have welcomed Lady with open paws, which wouldnt have been half as much fun.

12. Alley Cats

The Cats: Theyre the inquisitive moggies who lick the stricken Selina Kyle back to life, allowing her to become perhaps the slinkiest feline of all Catwoman.

If They Were Dogs: Dogwoman no, it doesnt have quite the same ring to it.

11. Milo

As Seen In: The Adventures Of Milo And Otis (1986)

The Cat: Poor old Milo falls into a river, separating him from best friend Otis, a dog. Thankfully, Otis a faithful mutt and sets off on a cross-country trek to find his furry pal.

If It Was A Dog: If the boot was on the other foot, you just know the cat would watch the dog sail off into the distance before sloping back home to the fire.

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