For Your Consideration #7

As we enter the final days of voting for this year’s SFX Awards, the team reveal some of their own personal choices. Today, our new editorial assistant Rob Power names his choice for Best Sci-Fi Actor Of The Year…

For Your Consideration

Misfits, Robert Sheehan

For: Best Actor

On paper, there’s nothing to like about Nathan, Robert Sheehan’s mouthy character in the mighty Misfits. He’s a living, breathing insult generator, a motor mouth with no off switch who preys on the insecurities of friends and enemies alike. He’s the kid at school that always somehow managed to get the whole class put in detention, and just to make him even more insufferable he’s been given a super power that means no matter how hard you hit him, he’ll keep coming back.

Given all that, it’s nothing short of a miracle that Nathan is the best thing about Misfits by a country mile, and that, my friends, is testament to the top notch acting chops of Robert Sheehan. In his hands, Nathan becomes a loveable rascal, a charming rogue that it’s impossible to dislike, even when he’s picking on Simon (or should that be Barry?) or resolutely failing to take one for the team.

Sheehan’s impeccable comic timing has made Misfits the most quotable show around, and he perfectly captures the teenage bravado that has kept Nathan on the up no matter how tough it gets, and it’s been pretty tough for him what with having to doss down in the community centre, losing a brother and of course dying. A lot.

Not only does Sheehan show impressive range and manage to make the un-likeable thoroughly loveable, but he’s shown the world that home grown UK sci-fi can be every bit as inventive, entertaining, vital and downright cool as anything that is on offer on the other side of the pond. So do the right thing – vote Sheehan. You know it makes sense.

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