40Gb PS3 imminent

Oct 1, 07

Two recent accidental leaks of a new PlayStation 3 model number seem to at least half-confirm that a revised version of Sony's console is on the way and if one source is to be believed it could be with us by Christmas.

The first was the widely reported FCC filing of a new PS3 label that appeared to be from the back of a new console. (The FCC is a US government agency responsible for the regulation of use of the radio spectrum, which PS3's WiFi function falls under.) This has since been updated (28/9) with a test report with the pages that would normally have contained information on the differences between models blanked out. What is Sony trying to hide? A 40 Gb hard-drive perchance?

The second slip suggests a date: over at Bluraysavings.com an advert promises five free Blu-ray movie discs for buying one of a series of qualifying players including the mysterious CECHG01 PlayStation first seen in the FCC filing. Eagle-eyed commentators have noted that the date the offer is valid for is 1 October to 31 January 2008, leading to speculation that the new PS3 model will go on sale sometime beteween these dates.

We're still sticking to our guns on this one: a 40Gb PS3, out before christmas with... actually just read the story we wrote a week or so ago on the thing. It's all in there.

Oh and while we're at it, perhaps Sony's rumoured 'big bang announcement' reported today is the day being set aside for the company to tell us what we've already guessed... just be sure to act surprised. It's only polite.

Update: This story gets more interesting by the minute... now a 'source' is suggesting it'll be in the shops by 16 November.

Above: Why has the FCC decided to censor what was in this box?