3DS currently outselling Vita by 46 to 1 in Japan

For every PS Vita that was sold in Japan last week, there were 46 3DS units making their way into consumers' hands. Bolstered, no doubt, by Animal Crossing: New Leaf's launch (which we'll have to wait a little longer for in the west, sadly), 3DS shifted a total of 187,077 units in one week, compared to PS Vita's 4,021.

The majority of the 3DS units sold were the 3DS LL (that's the 3DS XL to us), but separate figures have been published for both, which means we can visualise exactly how that stacks up against each PS Vita sold in one handy picture. Ready for this?

All those 3DS units were sold last week every time somone bought one Vita in Japan. Thousands of times over. Hopefully the announcement of PlayStation Plus for PS Vita complete with its own 'instant game collection' can turn things round as consumers start buying Christmas gifts.

One last sobering note: PSP managed to sell 12,076 in the same period, itself a ratio of 3:1 for sales of the old machine vs new. Perhaps a price cut is in order. Something. Anything.

Source: GamesIndustry

Justin Towell

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