30 Biggest Movie Characters

Adam Honey, I Blew Up The Kid (1992)

The Character: Adorable infant Adam Szalinski, a two-year-old tearaway who’s zapped by his father’s ‘growing’ machine and balloons in size every time he gets near a source of electricity.

Size: 112 ft

If They Were Tiny: It’d be a repeat of the 1989 film that this is a sequel to.

Mr Stay Puft Ghostbusters (1984)

The Character: A fictional mascot for a brand of marshmallows, Mr Stay Puft is brought to lumbering life by demon god Gozer.


Size: 112.5 ft

If They Were Tiny: The residents of New York wouldn’t so much run away screaming as stop to coo over how adorable he is.

“Just look at his little sailor’s outfit!”

Tripod War Of The Worlds (2005)

The Character: Massive vehicles driven by invading aliens, the Tripods come with their own patented death rays, which can reduce humans to ash in mere seconds.

Size: 150 ft

If They Were Tiny:
They could be used as effective little rat exterminators – just send them down a hole with their mini death rays.

Gojira Godzilla (1954)

The Character: The giant lizard to dwarf all other giant lizards, Godzilla is a sea monster unleashed by a nuclear explosion (that old chestnut again).

He likes killing.

Size: 167 ft

If They Were Tiny : It’d take him a little longer to destroy Tokyo, but we imagine he’d get there in the end.

Jotnar Troll Hunter (2010)

The Character: The biggest and deadliest of all the trolls, the Jotnar hails from the mountains of Norway and seems almost impossible to kill – until hunter Hans (Otto Jespersen) takes it down using a rocket-like projectile.

Size: 200 ft

If They Were Tiny
: It’d be a troll version of a Mogwai - it already hates bright lights...

Clover Cloverfield (2007)

The Character: A gangly-limbed ET that makes short work of tearing New York a new one.

It likes hiding just out of sight behind the nearest skyscraper – which is understandable given how goddamn ugly it is.

Size: 240 ft

If They Were Tiny: It’d have trouble decapitating the Statue of Liberty for a start…

Striker Eureka Pacific Rim (2013)

The Character: A giant robot known as a Jaeger, Striker Eureka is a colossal machine built to fight against massive monsters known as Kaiju.

The Kaiju have emerged from a crevice in the Pacific Ocean and are waging war on the human race.

Size: 312 ft

If They Were Tiny: They’d be pretty useless against the Kaiju, to be honest.

Insectosaurus Aliens Vs Monsters (2009)

The Character: A lover of bright lights and silky snot, Insectosaurus started life as a tiny grub before a blast of nuclear radiation made him giant-sized.

Size: 350 ft

If They Were Tiny: We’d love him just as much – there’s just something about his gormless stare that’s irresistible…

Mothra Mothra (1961)

The Character: Born out of a giant egg, Mothra begins life as a huge caterpillar, which swims toward Japan (destroying a cruise ship on the way) before making a cocoon in Tokyo.

When she emerges from her cocoon, Mothra is – yeah – a giant, beautiful winged thing.

Size: 490 ft (wing span)

If They Were Tiny: She’d just be called Moth.

Kraken Clash Of The Titans (2010)

The Character: “Release the Kraken!” bellows Zeus (Liam Neeson) in this remake, heralding the arrival of the biggest movie monster we’ve ever seen – an absolutely colossal sea beast.

Size: 800 ft (dwarfing the 200 ft Kraken in the 1981 film)

If They Were Tiny: “Release the Kraken!” would be met with giggles and embarrassed shuffling of feet.

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