2K Games summons powers of the netherworld

Jackie Estacado, mafia hitman playboy, has found a new home at 2K Games after nearly meeting his end with now-defunct publisher Majesco. The Darkness, based on the popular Top Cow comic, thrusts you into Jackie's suave trench-coat and gothic nightmare city.You've been possessed by amysterious, malevolent force thatencases your body with inky, ripplingblackness. In addition to beign totally goth-fashionable, this development gives youthe power to command the zombified, rat-like demons that seem to sprout from the shadows, and from the suit itself.

The purpose of your powers and suitremain unknown, but there's little doubt that it makes executing a hit more interesting.These hellish powers are also unpredictable and challenging to control, so in the meanwhile, you'll rely on Jackie's roots as an assassin and proficiency with more traditional firearms.

Hunted by the rival Francetti mafia family and hounded by the tortured destiny accompanying the powers of The Darkness, you'll either attain salvation or be damned. Sadly, this game's turbulent past means that "sometime in 2006" is as close as anyone can come to a possible release date.