25 best movie-related vines

With even the simplest of explosive summer blockbusters now coming to a running time of just under three hours, sometimes it’s good to get a refresher on quick, simple and easy to watch films that are nice and short. Six seconds short.

But, as these vines show, you can tell whole stories in six seconds, with drama, action, mystery story arcs, subplots, and huge overarching character progressions. Mostly though, they’re just really, really funny. Here are the best movie-related vines we could find on the web.

25. Silver Linings Playbook summed up

Why It's Great: CollegeHumor provide an entirely accurate summisation of Silver Lining Playbook, apparently filmed in their office.

If It Was Feature-Length: Surely they would have all been fired.

24. The Terminator wants what he wants

Why It's Great: It puts the Terminator in a whole new disturbing light.

If It Was Feature-Length: It would be a harrowing tale of emotional blackmail and physical abuse at the hands of a killer robot from the future.

23. Jurassic Park floor keyboard

Why It's Great: Mixing one of the greatest themes of all time with one of the greatest movie scenes of all time.

If It Was Feature-Length: We’d hear the entire score of Jurassic Park and, at the end of it, everyone in the video would be knackered.

22. Arnold Schwarzenegger driving in Canada

Why It's Great: A completely random idea by Will Sasso, topped off with a perfect Arnie accent.

If It Was Feature-Length: It would be Schwarzenegger’s Mad Max, only much more polite and inane.

21. Stanley Kubrick today

Why It's Great: If he was still alive, how would Stanley Kubrick get on with new technology and new social media? This video give us a glimpse.

If It Was Feature-Length: We would see Kubrick tweeting, stalking Facebook friends, Instagram his lunch, using Snapchat for unsavoury activity and making Vine videos. He still wouldn’t use Google+ though.

20. Beasts Of The Southern Wild summed up

Why It's Great: We thought the toy figures and big beasts were funny enough but that last screenshot kills.

If It Was Feature-Length: It would be an extended metaphor.

19. Stop-motion Mini-Me

Why It's Great: Dr. Evil asking if Mini-Me wants to “make a vine” followed by a shake of the head. You have to applaud someone who goes to such great lengths to create something so pointless.

If It Was Feature-Length: We’d hope that at least the cat might get up and do something interesting.

18. Amour summed up

Why It's Great: That shot of the dead body.

If It Was Feature-Length: It would be a beautiful study of grief and social commentary on treatment of the elderly. We’d probably prefer this version.

17. Nice House

Why It's Great: A completely new movie starring Steve Agee and Ellen Page that manages to be funny and terrifying at the same time.

If It Was Feature-Length: It would be a brutal stalker film told in real time. Much like Silent House, only with even more high-pitched screaming courtesy of Steve Agee.

16. Window War Of The Worlds

Why It's Great: There’s something so charming about the crudely hand-drawn alien tripods.

If It Was Feature-Length: That kid would probably be in a lot of trouble with her parents for completely ruining that window.

15. Argo joke wears thin

Why It's Great: We normally wouldn’t side with Argo backlash, but this vine does have a good point.

If It Was Feature-Length: It would win a whole bunch of Oscars. Apparently.

14. Star Trek Into Darkness trailer remade

Why It's Great: Simple stop-motion sweding of a Star Trek Into Darkness set-piece that looks like something from Art Attack.

If It Was Feature-Length: There would be some kind of in-universe explanation about how the Enterprise accidentally travelled into a new dimension made entirely of paper.

13. Number 1 Movie In America

Why It's Great: It picks up on a new trailer cliché.

If It Was Feature-Length: It would be one of those conspiracy documentaries that attempts uncover and explore a sinister secret behind this phrase.

12. If I Were In Jurassic Park

Why It's Great: The original Vine may have been taken down (hence this YouTube vid instead), but this is a brilliantly realistic take on a memorable Jurassic Park scene.

If It Was Feature-Length: Our hero would spend the entire time hiding in the bushes until rescued.

11. Les Miserables

Why It's Great: The funny marching gets us every time. Especially the guy on the right.

If It Was Feature-Length: The thought of an entire film in which marching troops run away as soon as they are confronted with singing? It sounds like a tense, psychological horror to us...

10. Star Wars Disney

Why It's Great: It sums up all our initial fears about Star Wars now being owned by the Mouse House.

If It Was Feature-Length: The climactic lightsaber battle would be replaced by a series of long, drawn-out hugs.

9. Harry Potter at home

Why It's Great: High-pitched yelping aside, you have to wonder how this guy stayed floating on a broomstick in mid-air for each shot.

If It Was Feature-Length: It would be a full-blown Quidditch match with an incredibly annoying soundtrack.

8. Voldy’s wand

Why It's Great: In a series of ‘Voldy Vines’ we like the commitment to make-up and recreating He-who-must-not-be-named’s slit-nose.

If It Was Feature-Length: It would offer up a refreshing ‘other side of the tale’. Suddenly, Voldy certainly doesn’t seem all that bad after all.

7. Zero Dark Thirty summed up

Why It's Great: Bin Laden popping out of the shower is hilarious, followed by a surprisingly bloody ending.

If It Was Feature-Length: We would see all the prior investigation and paperwork. Basically the boring stuff before you get to this good bit.

6. Epic Jurassic Park

Why It's Great: Rousing stirring music followed by one of the best makeshift dinosaurs you’ll ever see.

If It Was Feature-Length: Most of the budget would be spent on tiny dog costumes and Pringles.

5. Origin Story

Why It's Great: Gillian Jacobs offers us a bitter, gravel-voiced Bambi.

If It Was Feature-Length: This would be all the impetus Bambi needs to don a mask and start fighting crime.

4. Liam Neeson’s set of skills

Why It's Great: We would give anything to see Liam Neeson suddenly start doing this...

If It Was Feature-Length: It would explore any number of special skills: breakdancing, juggling, touch-typing...

3. All milk and no dunk makes Oreo a dull cookie

Why It's Great: It may be little more than clever advertising, but the replication of the shots and sets are fantastic.

If It Was Feature-Length: We would get to watch an Oreo cookie hack down a door with an axe. Who doesn’t want to see that?

2. Life Of Pi: Behind The Scenes

Why It's Great: Because actors acting opposite nothing while dressed in a leotard will never not be funny.

If It Was Feature-Length: They’re going to need more balls.

1. Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal

Why It's Great: It’s one of a series of vines in which Gosling turns his nose up at a cereal-loaded spoon... because the Internet is a magical place where anything is possible.

If It Was Feature-Length: It would be a psychological thriller with a mystery at the centre of the plot: Why DOES Ryan Gosling have such an aversion to breakfast foods?