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Everyday gaming phrases that mean something very different to non-gamers

Combo breaker

Gamers know it refers to: A special retaliatory move in a fighting game, designed specifically to allow a player on the receiving end of a combo to interrupt the incoming string of hits with careful timing.

Non-gamers think it means: Yoko Ono.

Bump mapping

Gamers know it refers to: The technique of applying a simulated bumpy or wrinkled texture to a smooth in-game object, and using a related algorithm to ensure dynamic aesthetic changes in-keeping with the environmental lighting in order to create the illusion of a realistic, imperfect, surface.

Non-gamers think it means: Phrenology.

Spam attack?

Aware of how confusing you are to a non-gamer, now? Feel abad about it, or are you proud to be part of the elite? Either way, add any other suggestions you have to the growing dictionary of bamboozlement in the comments.

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