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20 Worst SF & Fantasy Films Of The Decade

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5 Superman Returns

Poor old Superman Returns, another film in this list that suffers from being a blockbuster; because more people went to see it, more people could be disappointed by it. Having said that, a lot of voters really didn't like director (and Superman fan) Bryan Singer’s far too referential take on Superman, and actively hated the fact he was given a son.

We said: lots of nice things, actually, but Nick Setchfield did admit that, "There’s a mighty fine line between the second coming and a nostalgia trip. Not so much a reimagining as a preimagining, Superman Returns is so in thrall to Richard Donner’s Superman The Movie that you’re continually poised for a loving cameo from the pimp who told Christopher Reeve 'Whoa, Jim! That’s a bad outfit!'"

You said:
"Dear lord, may be the greatest example of why fans shouldn’t necessarily be allowed anywhere near the objects of their Fandom..." ShaunieB

"The whole 'Supes having an illegitimate son' thing and being a peeping Tom spying on Lois... I mean really." Anon

"How is it possible to make Superman both boring and an unpleasant stalker weirdo?" trollface

"I was bored by the start of the opening credits." breyah

"Long, dull and I didn't like Superman or Lois." Boo

Saving grace: The opening credits, a wonderful update of the ones from Superman The Movie. The plane rescue set-piece is brilliant too.

4 Twilight

The big screen adaptation of the books series that defanged vampires and turned them into the heroes of a Mills & Boon romance, Twilight was almost unwatchable if you weren't a teenage girl in love with Robert Pattinson.

We said: "The characters are so idealised, you may roll your eyes right out of your skull."

You said: "They freakin’ defanged the vampires and made them shiny. WTF?" roddersj04

"Just no, okay? Stop it." nin_o_negative

Saving grace: the baseball scene, which is actually rather fun.

3 Transformers 2
Michael Bay pioneers the plotless movie – the Decepticons must be defeated, but selling lots and lots of toys is so much more important than soul.

We said: "This is effectively one two-and-a-half hour-long set piece."

You said:
"Michael Bay films could fill this list" Chris Eilenstine

"A movie, based on a cartoon that was a glorified commercial for a pre-existing line of toys, about a bunch of alien robots coming to Earth and, erm, pretending to be cars...and then beating the s**t out of each other?" theshadowalker

"I want a written apology from Michael Bay for crimes against childhood memories. Then I want him to stand in Hamleys all Christmas explaining to angry 30-something dads just why he thought ghetto ice-cream van robots would be a good idea." PJ Bottoms

"As a Transformers fan and someone who somewhat enjoyed the first film, I felt like Bay crapped on me from a great height with this. Horrible, shameful movie." Wonderous Wolf

"Nothing in the film made any sense whatsoever." MDY

"Action films should never be boring." Hugh Jass

Saving grace: A curmudgeonly old British robot saying bollocks.

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