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20 lessons from old game manuals

Well, do you? Do you have the... w...wsnnct?

Lesson 15: Ducks and clay pigeons are different

Do not question this.

Lesson 16: When in doubt, get blowin'!

It's one way to get ahead.

Lesson 17: Life is full of hidden surprises, don't stop just because you defeated Andross

Game manuals used to tell us all the important stuff, like what secrets to look out for. Now we're just supposed to figure it out by ourselves, or go toCHEATPLANETand SPEND MANY HOURS BROWSING THEIR FINE SELECTION OF GUIDES, FAQS, AND CHEATS.

Lesson 18: You just heard the Lightning Bolt sound effect in your head, and now you're irritated

Lesson 19: And you probably totally forgot about this one

Lesson 20: And now you really want to play Super Mario Kart


Above: Notice how they promote screen looking. Cheap, Nintendo, cheap.

May 27, 2010

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