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18 Great Sci-Fi License Plates


Film: Star Wars . We'll be billing these goons for replacement S, T, A, R and W keys at this rate.

Pros: Wisdom. Jedi powers to the effin' max. Funny talking. Funky robes. Heroic quantities of ear hair. The list is, wait, that's the end.

Cons: Sci-Fi License Plate Man already has his work cut out in attracting a mate, we'd hazard. Giving off the impression you resemble Yoda in any way won't really help.

What The Owner Probably Wishes He Was Driving: Something small, green and hairy, one imagines. This , then.


Film: We can't actually bring ourselves to write it again.

Pros: She evidently cares more passionately about Yoda than her own cruelly abbreviated gender.

Cons: The owner (presumably female - we know we’ve accused all the others of being male, but come on, they definitely were) has essentially paid big bucks to drive around with a devastating playground insult scrawled on her car.

What The Owner Probably Wishes She Was Driving: As soon as she sobers up, anything that’ll get her to the DMV to weep for her $1200 back.


Film: Either of the original series' TV-tastic spin-off movies - we'll give you Razor or The Plan

Pros: Kinda jazzy - looks a bit like it might belong to a showboating sports star. Be the envy of all the losers who used boring old letters , hepcat!

Cons: Hard to decipher at first. Moreover, are stars on your license plate in any way legal?

What The Owner Probably Wishes He Was Driving: Alas, this one looks like the work of a nerd who already thinks he's pretty damn spiffy, so his car is doubtless as irredeemably smug as he is.


Film: The X Files: Fight The Future ; The X Files: I Want To Believe

Pros: A weak pun is still a pun. Begrudged bonus points there, we suppose.

Cons: Spelling - you're doing it wrong. There’s a time and a place for ‘hilarious’ wordplay, and unless we’re talking about using numbers to spell out body parts, ordering a vanity plate ain’t it.

What The Owner Probably Wishes He Was Driving: A herd of cloned Gillian Andersons into his own private corral.


Film: The list is lengthy .

Pros: So nearly brilliant. If only he hadn't omitted the 'I', we'd actually think this was kinda awesome.

Cons: Alas, his chosen monster's name is too long to make for a viable license plate reference. Still, we demand greater devotion from our driving dweebs, and must insist on them spelling the names of their passions out correctly and in full to earn top marks.

What The Owner Probably Wishes He Was Driving: Perched in a saddle atop Gojira himself, naturally.


Film: Several flicks have been shot around the core Lovecraftian Cthulhu mythos, but we'd go for In The Mouth Of Madness .

Pros: Genius in its wilful obscurity - not many people will even be able to pronounce it, let alone know what it is.

Cons: The kids/monster juxtaposition bothers us. The whole thing looks like it was made by a kid, which bothers us more.

What The Owner Probably Wishes He Was Driving: Attempting to get inside this guy's mind is scary, so we're not saying. But it's probably made of moon lasers, or something.


Film: Just when you thought you'd seen the last of chuffing Star Wars ...

Pros: ...a ridiculously badass reference makes a late bid for glory! Yep, stop the whole nerdcar nonsense merry-go-round, for surely this is the Übermensch?

Cons: Balls, we spoke too soon - he's only gone and spelled it wrong! We bet his doubtless-incredibly-hot-girlfriend is dead embarrassed about that missing second 'T'.

What The Owner Probably Wishes He Was Driving: Jabba's sail barge, right into the sarlacc pit of his own incompetence.


Film: Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan

Pros: Ok, now we really can call time on this whole pantomime. In fact, dammit, stop the internet - we have a winner!

Cons: 'GODZLLA' and 'YODA MAN' both suggest this bloke could've easily squeezed in at least one more 'A'. C'mon man, scream it like you mean it ! Nah, whoever owns this is still our hero though.

What The Owner Probably Wishes He Was Driving: Some form of dragster no doubt, the better to imitate his sci-fi idol via the medium of ludicrously souped-up engine.