15 things you didn't know about Sonic 4: Episode II

We've played Sonic 4: Episode II and here's what we discovered

Sonic 4: Episode II

Sega held a massive press day in London showcasing its upcoming download-only games. Sonic 4: Episode 2 was there in playable form. Is it better than Episode 1? Well let's take a look...

1) Tails can carry you through the sky or underwater at any time

Just press X (or Square on PS3) at any time while not standing on the ground and Sonic will high-five Tails (who instantly appears from wherever he may have been hiding) and the two will then fly or swim around for a short time. This is crucial for finding shortcuts or alternative routes.

2) There's a new dash attack

Are you used to holding down X and revving up like you did in Sonic Generations? Well, it's not quite the same here, but pressing X at any time while standing will call Tails to you. You'll then rev up together in a large ball of blue and orange, before dashing off at supersonic speed. It's an easy way to get around loops or up hills, though it can be tricky to control if you only want to use it for a short distance. You'll need if for tackling snow drifts, however your regular spin dash attack won't get through those.

3) There's 2-player co-op through the whole game

But apparently no two-player vs mode like the one found in Sonic 2. We wouldn't be surprised if there is one announced nearer to release, but currently the answer is 'no'. Still, Tails will find his way back onto the screen if he gets lost so there could be a lot of fun to be had here.

4) Red rings return

We found one single red ring while we played the demo (not pictured in these official shots as it's probably meant to be a secret). After dashing across the surface of the water in Sylvania Castle Zone (Sonic 3-style), a quick jump before you hit the wall at the end will allow you to hop off the surface and onto a platform. It's clearly a short-cut for speed-runs, but it's where you'll find the ring , which looks exactly like the ones hidden in Sonic Generations. What are they for? It's unknown right now, but at least finding them should add significant replay value to the game for future play-throughs.

5) Secrets are everywhere

In Sylvania Castle, if you run left at the start (for a surprisingly long time) you'll find a shiny extra life, perhaps in a nod to Bridge Zone Act 3 on Game Gear Sonic 1 (Geek Mode cancel). In this screenshot, flying upwards here also yields a hidden route. Also in this screen - see that sunlight? Rays from it filter through Tails' rotor blades in real-time, which looks rather beautiful.

6) You can control Sonic with the D-Pad or stick

Perhaps not a surprise, but the game does feel different depending on which you choose to use. The D-pad definitely feels more retro, which is probably what you'll want to use if you're a long-term Sonic fan. Incidentally, this boss fight wasn't in the demo we played, but you can see the marked increase in graphical quality over Episode I.

7) The screen has a zoom feature

This isn't activated manually, but the camera now pulls back to show you more of the level around you at certain points. Of course, doing this does lessen the sensation of speed, so the game soon switches back to its regular zoom setting, which is perhaps too close to Sonic to see far enough ahead of you. But that's the age-old Sonic problem, isn't it?

8) Sonic physically grabs air bubbles and shoves them in his mouth

One of the cutest animations the game has is the sub-aquatic air gulp. We're used to seeing Sonic open his mouth wide and breathe in air bubbles, but watching him push them into his mouth is a nice touch... even if it is physically improbable. But then, hedgehogs can actually swim anyway yet Sonic can't, so who cares about realism?

9) The mobile version is looking excellent

We tried the exact same demo on an Asus Android Tablet (but not this boss fight that wasn't in the demo, sadly) and we were impressed. The frame-rate may not be as silky smooth as the 360 version (especially while running behind those fancy waterfalls), but all of the graphic effects remain, including the rays of light filtering through gaps in the walls in the background. Should be great on a new iPad

Justin Towell

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