101 things you didn't know about games

1. The play area of GTA: San Andreas is roughly 17 square miles. That’s about five times the size of Liberty City and four times the size of Vice City.

2. Cancelled Megadrive 32X game Ratchet & Bolt boasted a boss character that was 30 screens tall, and packed some 33 weapons.

3. God Hand’s Chihuahua races feature a dog called Mikami’s Head, a reference to the Resi creator’s claim that he’d rather lose his head than see Resident Evil 4 converted to PS2.

4. The maximum achievable score possible in a game of Pac-Man is 3,333,360 points.

5. Unreleased titles in the Oddworld series include The Hand of Odd, Squeek’s Oddysee and SligStorm.