101 Best Movies Of All Time by Total Film: support and FAQ

Total Film has just launched a brand new app for the iPad: 101 Best Movies Of All Time (UK users click here ; US users click here )

We've compiled a list of FAQs to guide you through the app or just email us here if you have any questions or feedback.

Q. Where can I download the app?

A. Search for '101 Best Movies' or 'Total Film' in the Apple App Store or click here (if you are a UK user) or click here (if you are a US user).

Q. What is in the app?

A. Welcome to 101 Best Movies Of All Time by Total Film - 101 five-star reviews crammed into one app!

To compile this iPad app, the Total Film team trawled through their entire back catalogue of issues - that's 13 years worth! - and picked out all of the five-star reviews in search of our 101 best movies.

In those 13 years, over 160 movies were regarded worthy of a five-star review.

After some cutting, whittling and massaging ( Talladega Nights anyone?), we've culled that original shortlist down to those movies we think represent the 101 Best Movies Of All Time!

So sit back with your iPad, and tap and swipe your way through our 101 Best Movies Of All Time app - and why not visit us at www.totalfilm.com to tell us how right (or wrong!) we are!

Q. Is 101 Best Movies Of All Time available online?

A. No, but you can check out more of our expert movie coverage over at TotalFilm.com , updated every day.

Q. Is 101 Best Movies Of All Time available for other tablets?

A. Not yet, however we hope to have it available in other formats, soon.

Q. Is 101 Best Movies Of All Time available for the iPhone/Android phones/BlackBerry smartphones?

A: No. The app has been designed for the iPad only. However hope to be able to offer this and other Total Film apps for other devices in the future.

Q: 101 Best Movies Of All Time is a Special Edition from Total Film magazine. Where can I learn more about Total Film?

A: Click here to find out more about the latest issue or here to see our latest subscription offer.

Q: Do you have any more Total Film apps available?

A: We're planning on it! Head over here to find out more plus register for regular updates and newsletters.

Q. How can I advertise in Total Film apps?

A. Email us here with the word 'Advertise' in the subject header or call +44 (1225) 442244 and ask to speak to the Total Film advertising team.

Q. The app has crashed - what can I do?

A. This app has been rigorously tested and thus crashing is unlikely to occur. If it does crash, please help us identify any problems for future updates by emailing us the full details here .

Should this happen, the best course of action is to try a hard reset (turn your iPad off by holding the power button), restart, and then reload the app. Nine times out of ten this will fix the problem.

Q. I have a query or want to give you feedback. How can I contact you?

A. Send your support queries and feedback via this email address and we'll get back to you asap.

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