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The 50 best movie fights you'll want to watch again and again

40. Atomic Blonde (2017)

The fight: Charlize Theron's spy has already been through a lot when she's faced down by two attackers in a stairwell in Berlin during the Cold War, but that doesn't stop her from kicking ass. This fight scene is so impressive due mainly to the fact that it goes on for a long time (the baddies seem to fight through many a mortal wound before finally going down) and the realistic brutality of the moves. 

Killer move: Towards the end of the fight, one of the men pulls his own dagger out of his chest only for Theron to slammed it back into his throat multiple times and throw him down the stairs. 

39. The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

The fight: Tricked by Catwoman, Batman comes face to face with what becomes his greatest physical foe. It's a powerful slugging match with the emphasis on strength rather than speed, and all the while Bane taunts our Bats, unafraid.

Killer move: Finally, after 15 years of disservice from the 1997 Batman And Robin movie, Bane fulfils his destiny and executes a literal back breaker on the Dark Knight.

38. Warrior (2011)

The fight: Estranged brothers Tommy and Brendan end up fighting against each other in the final of a MMA fighting tournament. It's a brutally tense bout that stirs up swallowed emotions with every punch.

Killer move: Brendan manages to trap Tommy's left arm under his knee and, as he struggles to break free, he overextends to the sound of a sickening CRACK.

37. Gladiator (2000)

The fight: Having already gained the audiences approval, Maximus is pitted against Tigris of Gaul in the arena, all while surrounded by chained tigers held back by handlers who have been given specific instructions by evil Commodus to target our Max.

Killer move: The real killer move is, of course, Maximus defying the emperor to spare Tigris life and earning respect from the crowd and his fellow fighters. But well still opt for the moment when a tiger leaps onto Maximus back for sheer heart-stopping terror.

36. Million Dollar Baby (2004)

The fight: Maggie finally gets the big fight she always wanted: a $1million match against WBA women's welterweight champion, Billie The Blue Bear, an ex-prostitute and renowned dirty fighter.

Killer move: In the single moment that changes this sporting underdog tale into a harrowing tragedy, The Blue Bear sucker punches Maggie after the round ends and she lands on her corner stool, breaking her neck and leaving her paralysed.

35. Bloodsport (1988)

The fight: After competing in a Kumite tournament and getting through to the final round, the Mussels From Brussels faces the '80s sports film equivalent of an end-of-level boss: vicious defending champion Chong Li.

Killer move: After being blinded with an illegal handful of quicklime, it looks like Van Dammes Frank Dux doesn't stand a chance, but then he taps into his Ninjutsu training and uses his other senses and lots of slow-motion jumps and kicks to win the bout.

34. Rocky (1976)

The fight: THE sporting underdog story: the little-known Italian Stallion's climactic bout with arrogant heavyweight champion Apollo Creed.

Killer move: Rocky's sheer stamina. Having already taken a severe beating, Creed knocks him to the floor and throws his hands up in celebration. But his incredulous look is priceless as Rocky struggles back up to his feet...

33. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)

The fight: What else? After killing the chain-hammer-twirling Gogo Yubari, the Bride is then confronted by a roar of motorbikes as the Crazy 88 gang pour in to the room to fight her. Cue lots of limb-chopping.

Killer move: Having finished off the entire gang single-handedly, only one Crazy 88 member is left standing. The Bride sends him away with a spanking.

32. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

The fight: Having waited three years to see a headstrong Luke square off against Darth Vader and avenge Obi-Wan's death, original Star Wars audiences got a lot more than they bargained for. With ominous lighting and powerful lightsaber-wielding, this was a showdown that marked Empire Strikes Back as a distinctly darker and deeper instalment of the saga.

Killer move: Take your pick between the moment when Vader finally gets the better of the younger, inexperienced Jedi, liberating his hand from his wrist, or following it up with that revelation.

31. Inception (2010)

The fight: Joseph Gordon-Levitt faces off against a projection of Cillian Murphy's subconscious in a hotel corridor, which is thrown into a state of zero gravity thanks to them occupying a van one dream level up that goes into free fall. We're assuming you've seen it, otherwise that sentence makes no sense.

Killer move: Gordon-Levitt's Arthur makes an early move to surprise his opponent by charging at him, starting off on the wall and then scrambling to the floor, just to get the first punch in.