10 years later, this Final Fantasy 14 completionist is the first to finish the MMO's 2,751 achievements

Final Fantasy 14's Tataru staring menacingly at the screen
(Image credit: Square Enix)

It’s taken just over 10 years, but a truly committed Final Fantasy 14 Lalafell has unlocked every achievement the MMO has to offer – that is, until Square Enix adds more. 

As shared to the Final Fantasy 14 subreddit by a fan, a warrior of light on the Garuda server in Japan has completed all 2,751 achievements. Looking at community data-tracking tools Lalachievements and FFXIVcollect, the feat holds up.

Those achievements vary dramatically in difficulty and time commitment, including completing all five ultimate raids, clearing each Deep Dungeon solo, and finishing all the levequests, which fans reckon takes seven years due to various time-gating mechanics. 

Truth be told, we’re merely scratching the surface. You must also consider that they’ve obtained every Relic weapon from every expansion and caught every fish out there. With all that grinding, I could see the appeal in some chill fishing, to be fair. 

You’d be right to think that our Final Fantasy 14 achievement hunter has earned a break, though plenty of new content is on the way. Final Fantasy 14’s next patch will be released next week on Tuesday, October 3. Alongside the first part of fresh story content that’ll take us towards the Dawntrail expansion next year, there are heaps of other side content to busy yourself with. 

Then you’ve got Dawntrail itself, which will be released sometime next Summer. The grandiose expansion may be styled as a summer vacation with the gang, though it’ll also kick off plenty of other things to grind for – like new Relic weapons, we imagine, and of course more achievements to hunt. 

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