WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2007 updated hands-on

We get up-close like never before with the sweatiest wrestling game ever

These moves are kind of lame, however, when compared with the things you can do with your environment. During a grapple, you can kick your opponent in the crotch, which stuns him enough to let you drag him around to any of 20 different "hotspots" scattered around the ring. Drag him over to the ropes, for example, and you'll be able to use the stick to scrape his face across them, or set him on top of the ropes and bounce him for a while. Or you can drag him over to the announcer's table, rip out the cables and strangle him with them. It's surprisingly easy, works really smoothly (most of the time, anyway - the game is still unfinished) and so far it's a lot of sadistic fun. What's more, we're told there'll be around 40 different ways to use the hotspots to torture your opponents.


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