World of Nintendo

1) Donkey Kong building
Students of game design at Associate Editor Shane Patterson’s alma mater, University of California in Santa Cruz spent five hours sticking 14,000 Post-It notes to the inside of their windows, and created this fantastically ginormous piece of pixel art. All buildings should look this colorful.

2) Mario’s revenge
Revenge for what? We’re not entirely sure, but this rather gruesome scene was created in PC shooter Half-Life 2 by somebody who clearly feels there’s only room for one plumbing brother. Even though it’s the one that takes up more space.

3) Animal Crossing
No sooner had we decided to splash $26 on a set of lovely Animal Crossing: Wild World capsule toys than the entire internet had the same idea and they promptly sold out. We’ll be checking for further supplies.

4) Opera commands
Don’t like reading instructions? Then you might not know that holding B and pressing D-pad directions or the plus and minus buttons acts as shortcuts for several handy browser functions. One shortcut definitely unlisted - typing “/.” takes you to “nerd news” site

5) Game science
Interested in the psychology of game design? Here’s what Pac-Man and Tetris are doing to your brain when you play. Apparently. We won’t pretend to understand what’s going on but point your browser here and stroke your chin in a thoughtful manner while you ponder the nature of fun.

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  • Monkeylink - December 12, 2008 3:15 a.m.

    They seriously Should make a sequel to Donkey kong 64 and screw the stupid minigames AND BRONG BACK DONKEY KONG!