Wipeout Pure review

  • Responsive handling
  • Amazing design and lighting effects
  • Excellent soundtrack
  • Some frame rate drops
  • Difficulty is somewhat steep
  • Brakes are hard to master

PSP and Wipeout Pure go beautifully together. Both are modern, polished and a gleaming example of how lucky we are to be gamers in the 21st century. From the stylish intro movie to the minimalist, modernistic menus to the game itself, everything feels fresh, contemporary and appropriate for the year 2005.

"Surely not?!" we hear you squawk. "Isn't it just a cynical and needless port of a PSone game from eleven thousand years ago?" Well, no, because, contrary to popular belief, Wipeout Pure is a step forward for the series. Not a galaxy-lapsing surge into the unknown, but rather a convenient and timely hop into the realm of the handheld. You see, it's been tweaked for play on the move but still retains enough bulk and substance to appease those looking for something a little more substantial than the simple arcade thrills of Ridge Racer.

OK, so it's not Gran Turismo with spaceships, but there's lots to do and see long with downloadable content including new tracks, ships and music. There's also a couple of new game modes, including the immensely exciting Zone. In this, you're plonked on a super-stylish track that looks like something out of Tron and propelled forward at increasingly rapid speeds. Your goal? Simply to survive as long as possible.

After the travesty that was Wipeout Fusion with its inexplicable glue-your-craft-to-the-track nonsense, Pure goes back to the old style of being detached and free. Not only does this mean you can fall off the track, but it also gives a greater impression of actually chucking a massive piece of floating metal around a futuristic rollercoaster. You feel in control of the craft and there's a greater sense of danger and immediacy - exactly what made the PSone versions of the game so appealing to everyone.

More Info

Release date: Mar 17 2005 - PSP (US)
Available Platforms: PSP
Genre: Racing
Published by: SCEA
Developed by: SCE Liverpool
Franchise: Wipeout
ESRB Rating:
Everyone: Fantasy Violence


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