Will Metal Gear Solid 4 really boost PS3 sales?

Fanboys beware. You won't like this.

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It%26rsquo;s been the rallying cry of Sony fanboys from the beginning. Things might be bad right now, but you just wait until Metal Gear Solid 4. Then we%26rsquo;ll see the PlayStation 3 rise up to conquer, just like the PS2 did, and you%26rsquo;ll all be sorry for doubting it.

But will we really? There%26rsquo;s a very good argument that Metal Gear%26rsquo;s release won%26rsquo;t make the blindest bit of difference to the PS3%26rsquo;s fortunes as a format, however good it turns out to be (and there%26rsquo;s every chance that it will be brilliant). The reason? Things just don%26rsquo;t work that way any more.


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