Why wait? Experience two of the Halo: Reach campaign missions now! [VIDEO]

Earlier this week, I finished Halo: Reach. I met every new character, fought through every new environment, fired every new weapon and piloted every new vehicle. I've seen how the war between humanity and Covenant begins, and I know how the story of the Spartan Noble Team ends.

But I'm not here to boast… I'm here to share. Although our review can't post until Saturday, September 11, the folks at Bungie and Microsoft are allowing us to talk about two of the game's campaign missions now. Even more exciting? We recorded gameplay from both.

Here, then, is a video sneak peek at Nightfall and Tip of the Spear, the fourth and fifth missions in Halo: Reach. Watch our footage , then stick around as I point out some of the more interesting elements from each.


If you remember Halo: Combat Evolved, you will instantly appreciate the fourth level of Halo: Reach. Why? Because the stealthy combat and hushed evening setting are a clear homage to the original's third mission, Truth and Reconciliation. You're creeping across high cliffs, taking advantage of night vision and a 2x zoom sniper rifle to kill Grunts and Jackals before they're even aware you're there.

Nearly a decade and one generation of consoles later, however, the experience has obviously been updated and enhanced. For example, THIS guy shows up:

Reach is not Earth – this is a completely different planet, and the designers at Bungie clearly want gamers to understand that. So you'll occasionally run into exotic wildlife, such as the husked hulk pictured above, or a flock of ostrich-like birds that run by you later.

Also, when you sneak up on an unsuspecting enemy, you don't just bop it on the back of the head... as with the multiplayer, you can hold down the melee button for a fully animated assassination. The chance to feel like more of a Spartan badass will inspire you to search for more strategic ways of approaching a fight. Fortunately, the armor abilities are also in single player:

Rather than choose your armor ability during each respawn like in multiplayer, you equip and swap them the same as weapons. At this point in the mission, I gave up Armor Lock for Active Camo so that I could remove the most powerful enemy in the area before the full battle was underway. You'll notice the screen above shows Hologram – this is an ability that wasn't in the multiplayer beta. Whenever you use it, a copy of your character runs forward to whatever point you indicate on the terrain ahead. Very useful for seeing if someone or something is hiding around a blind corner.

Here's a final difference – forklift! In Halo: Reach, you'll encounter as many pedestrian vehicles as shiny sci-fi ones. They don't really do much besides beep when they're backing up, but if you somehow manage to take out a Wraith with one, think of the story you'll be able to tell your friends.

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  • Blackout1881 - September 8, 2010 5:57 p.m.

    God enough with the Modern Warfare talk. The sequences that people(including Charlie Barrat)keep claiming are like that game have been done elsewhere a thousand times before. Can we please not act as if the most recent and popular games to do these things created them or trademarked them in some way?
  • kadenmoffat - September 3, 2010 11:03 p.m.

    holy crap cool cant wait
  • k1ll8saurav - September 3, 2010 2:03 a.m.

    It's not that spoilerrific. I mean, in terms of story, no. In terms of raw gameplay, yeah. Kind of. But it's not like it's not something you haven't seen before. If you're keeping up with the game, you're bound to have "accidently" watched a gameplay video. And Gamesradar WAS kind enough to show only snippets of gameplay, including how the new Rocket Hog works out, and the Revenant. Nothing too major. But if you want your gameplay to be a pristine as possible on release, then don't watch. Gamesradar, upgrade your video player. Just set aside ONE DAY and work on fixing the problem. Link videos from Youtube to here or have a better media player. This one sucks, no offense. Takes WAAAY too long to buffer.
  • FuRrY321 - September 3, 2010 1:59 a.m.

    That video was TERRIBLE!!! I gave up trying to keep myself spoiler-free, so I came in expecting to watch a glorious 480p+ recording of a campaign mission... gah!
  • TheSalmonofDoubt - September 2, 2010 4:10 a.m.

    This and Fallout are probably the only games i'm going to buy this fall...
  • Skykid - August 31, 2010 9:29 p.m.

    SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This game will be EPIC!!
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  • IL1kEPIE - August 31, 2010 4:22 a.m.

    How would you compare the difficulties of the halo reach and halo 3 odst campaigns on legendary? Halo 3? Which ones were easier and which harder? Thanks
  • GhostWriter - August 31, 2010 2:37 a.m.

    Looks like a good game, and it looks like it was a good thing I preordered my copy three months ago. The only haggle I have is in Nightfall when the player is using the pistol. Either Bungie failed to mention to him the pistol shoots faster than that, or they actually changed the pistol to be slow like the Halo 3 Pistol... If the latter is the case, then I'm going to be a very unhappy camper. I was looking forward to getting my pistol back after all these years.
  • taterboob - August 31, 2010 12:46 a.m.

    I'm not really understanding how co-op players are all going to be Noble 6. Are they all going to show up in the cinematics, or is it only going to be the one? It doesn't make much sense to me either way.
  • OUTERxLIMITS - August 30, 2010 10:10 p.m.

    wow, lotta haters must come here. these posters should just be happy they get info on the damn game to begin with not to mention even get this kind of video on the two missions that no other game journalist company has put up on their sites or if they even will ever. i watched the vids, there really arent any story spoilers just scripted scenes that deal with the mission that you do. other than that, your not going to get story line spoilers. THANKS GAMESRADAR for putting up these vids. just the person playing the game in the vids, really kinda sucked. i guess that happens when you play COD. ps get a better spam blocker, took forever to be able to make out the words.
  • Turboash - August 30, 2010 9:23 p.m.

    WOW! Another FPS!!! Can't wait! /sarcasm
  • NiNsHeresy - August 30, 2010 8:33 p.m. YouTube video for the ''Tip of the Spear''..stop complaining.
  • ucancallmebob89 - August 30, 2010 7:48 p.m.

    What a noobfest. I didn't realize Bungie made games with anything easier than easy mode, but apparently Reach comes with a p*ssy mode for game journalists. Good article, but get someone else to play through the demos next time.
  • GamesRadarTylerWilde - August 30, 2010 6:33 p.m.

    Haha, woah there cowboy. Editors don't make decisions regarding web development, and the state of our video player can't be pinned on Joe, or any other individual here. There's funding, prioritization, and a lot of other issues involved - I'd like for us to just be able to say "Hey we want better video! Have it on my desk by next week!" but things don't work that way. What Joe is saying is that because we've gotten so much support from our lovely and not-at-all brash fans, the future is near, and the company is in the process of implementing a much better video solution and other improvements, some you'll see, and some that'll just make our lives much easier. So hold tight! Look at GR from 2006 and tell me we aren't making progress... :P Yes, slow progress - we've taken a few wrong turns - but we're on our way to making the site better for all of us. Sniff. All we want is to provide the best fart jokes in the best possible way. :)
  • TURbo - August 30, 2010 4:06 p.m.

    Joe McNeilly, I'm amazed that you haven't been fired. If you had to directly report to the GamesRadar comment you would have been burned at the stake.
  • GamesRadarJoeMcNeilly - August 30, 2010 3:26 p.m.

    I know I sound like a broken record, but a video solution is coming! I have seen the promised land, brothers and sisters, and we'll be there SOON!
  • AGENTJORRRG - August 30, 2010 5:10 a.m.

    @Helios Yeah i'd say thats a bad thing. Halo 1 - good Halo 2 - pretty good Halo 3 - average H3ODST - bit below average HWars - rubbish (but doesn't really count)
  • FilthyKillz - August 30, 2010 3:01 a.m.

    Looks a lot better than Halo 3's campaign and more like Halo CE's campaign. Which is good.
  • Limbo - August 30, 2010 2:35 a.m.

    The video player really made these videos much worse. In my opinion, the Halo games have an incredible atmosphere to them, at least campaign wise, and the quality of these videos took that away and made it seem bland. I still have no doubt this will be the game of the year for me, though. Also, was Noble Six actually talking? If so, is the voice always the same or does it sound like whatever voice you selected in character customization?

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