What lifestyle gaming pics looked like in the 70s

Time warp to the retro ages and peruse some old-school imagery

Transferrable nipple tweaking skills. Oh, and nice oil lamp.

Blackjack with the kids. Way to nurture those gambling disorders at an early age. Go dad.

The classic 'straight to camera and don't show the game because it might put people off' style that is still favoured in Wii advertising today. Shame nobody noticed that he's wearing women's jewellery.

Admittedly not hugely 'lifestyle', but we've included it anyway as an interesting early attempt at 'covering all the bases' advertising. The 'brother on a bad trip' and 'hot asian chick' headshots are commendable inclusions, although the baby and the dog are just stupid. Maybe the Hare Krishna bloke and Muslim woman in a veil didn't show up for the shoot.

The console is quite obviously not plugged in. What they've done is just drawn some graphics on the wall and taken out the TV screen so it's like a picture frame. Simple yet effective.

That little kid looks pretty cute, huh?

How about now?

There's a couple of reasons that this lifetsyle photo would have benefitted from being shot in the classic and previously mentioned 'straight to camera and don't show the game because it might put people off' style. One: The game is literally two blocks and a vertical white line. And, two: The mum looks hot.