WarioWare: Smooth Moves hands-on

Friday 12 May 2006
Consisting of over 200 bite-sized minigames, there shouldn't be any surprise that it's WarioWare: Smooth Moves that really pushes the Wii remote's flexibility to the limit and we managed to get hands on with the mayhem.

Nintendo's oddball puzzle game has always managed to test the reflexes and the mind in numerous unique ways, but now it has the Wii remote to complicate matters further. In fact, WarioWare uses 15 different ways of holding the remote and so far we've managed to define five of them:

The Handle Bar
The remote must be held in two hands with your fingers wrapped round, just as though you were riding a bike.
• Pumping up a balloon by making up and down movements.
• Keeping balanced on a ball by tilting it as if it was a balancing pole

The Waiter
Held in one hand with an open palm much like you would hold a tray.
• Keeping a balancing broom upright, handle down, in the palm of your hand.

Above: WarioWare really pushes the Wii remote's flexibility to the limit

The Remote Control
Held in one hand as though you were changing channel on TV.
• Moving a racket from side to side to juggle and keep a ball in the air.

The Sketch Artist
Imagine you were holding a pencil - so cradling it gently from underneath.
• Carefully placing a set of false teeth into an old lady's mouth.

The Chauffeur
Similar to The Handle Bar but with your thumbs resting horizontally on the side of the Wii-mote.
• For steering a little car around a corner.
• For pushing forward to shove an on-screen man on to his arse.

Of all the Wii games we've managed to play this E3, WarioWare is by far the most suited and responsive to the Wii remote. All the moves are relatively simple and really make sense with the on-screen action they cause. Definitely one to look forward to on Wii's release.

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