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  • Asynaptic - December 9, 2013 4:39 p.m.

    This game is touted as F2P - In addition to being a repetitive grind as noted in many professional reviews, this game seriously suffers from other maladies. While low level equipment (which is useless in mid game) is free, In order to access reasonable weaponry and frames the player will be required to make a substantial investment. If you are considering this game then please note that at this time there are 28 pages and over 540 complaints against the developer on their own forums. These complaints have been generated in a mere 3 days by gamers who feel seriously cheated and mislead by the developers. The basics of the gripes are: Welcome to Warframe (allegedly F2P) where you will be asked to invest real money to buy in game platinum currency which is used in a nonrefundable manner to purchase items that improve your otherwise mediocre weaponry. Then watch your weaponry (for which you have paid real money) get arbitrarily destroyed by nerfing. Alternatively you will be asked to grind out 100 missions in a "special Event" for a promised reward weapon. You do the grind - and then after the items are delivered - the nice weapon you got gets basically destroyed. Alternatively a promising item is offered for sale - real cash in their "market". The player purchases that promising weapon or item, uses it and then a few weeks later the Developers change the stats on the item sufficiently so as to make it unappealing - certainly something you would no longer purchase. Is your money refunded? - NO But have no fear because a new set of items is offered for sale which will make the game playable again - you just have to pay more money. Then those get destroyed. Rinse and repeat. This has been a recurring theme for this game and I would strongly encourage the gaming community to avoid spending any more real cash on this game until a little well deserved respect is shown to the gaming community. Of course if you want to read through all the more than 540 complaints of the past 3 days then here is the link - thank you

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Nov 15 2013 - PS4 (US)
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