Virtua Tennis 3

Indulge in a bit of strokeplay with the ladies

Exactly what does physics mean to you? Sleep? Bearded old men? Hieroglyphic formulas? Fair enough. But it%26rsquo;s really, really important in games with balls. Honestly, it is - that%26rsquo;s why Winning Eleven Soccer%26rsquo;s so brilliant, why the FIFA games are suddenly not shit and why the Virtua Tennis games work so well. The simple bounce of a tennis ball and the way it moves through the air got nailed with Virtua Tennis 2, to such an extent that it doesn%26rsquo;t need fiddling with.

That, and the accessible, yet subtle controls means you can expect Virtua Tennis 3 to be more of the same - bigger, shinier and with added breasts. It%26rsquo;s drop dead gorgeous. Players no longer look like pioneering face transplant patients - Sharapova is pretty hot - and the courts and crowds bristle with tiny details. You won%26rsquo;t need a big HDTV to play it on, but it%26rsquo;d be a shame to miss out on all of VT3%26rsquo;s loveliness.

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