Videomercial - FREE GamesRadar app slices, dices, makes you look 10lbs lighter

Except it doesn't ... but it will make your gaming life better!

We’ve already mentioned it before, but the GamesRadar: Cheats, Guides and Walkthroughs iPhone app is here (or here, if you're in the UK) and it’s free. In case you’re not convinced that this app will not only fulfill your wildest FAQ-seeking, guide-following, cheat-applying needs, but also make you sexier, stronger and smarter (it won’t), we’ve created the following infomercial for your enjoyment. It is, obviously, 100% true and completely unbiased. Naturally.

This video is also on YouTube, in case you want to watch it again on a different website. And after you do that, you could embed the YouTube video on even more sites, and watch it even more times on them! Damn you love us and stuff.

Jan 14, 2011


Photoshop is my friend!
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