Uwe Boll wants you to fund his next film

The credit crunch is affecting everyone it would seem – how else do you explain Uwe Boll turning to us mere mortals for financial aid.

Yes, yes, hold back the jokes about “it’s because his movies usually suck and no one wants to fund them”… He’s serious.

With the German tax loopholes he’s been using to bring the world BloodRayne and Alone In The Dark now closed to him, he’s offering people the chance to contribute to his new terrorist thriller, Blackout.

If you click along to the movie’s official site here – you can sign up to donate £30 towards the budget.

He needs $18.5 million, and if you help him get there, he promises you a limited edition DVD and a various prizes, including up to $50,000 in cash (shouldn't he, er, be spending that on the movie?) and chance to win a visit to the set.

Get there before 31st March, or the site will be shut. Oh, and if he doesn’t get the whole amount he’ll either try to work with a lower budget or – and this is where we consider calling Watchdog – he says he’ll return at least £28 of your hard-earned folding stuff.

So what are you waiting for? You don’t need food or electricity… You need another Uwe Boll film in your life.

Anyone? Anyone?

[Source: THR ]

Are you going to stump up some cash? Or are you trying to stop from choking with laughter? If you do invest, tell us your story in the comments!


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