Universal tracks down I Hop

Illumination Entertainment – the recently created family film arm of Universal, is developing Easter Bunny comedy I Hop.

Much in the vein of The Santa Clause, which saw Tim Allen take over for Father Christmas, the film finds a slacker running over and injuring the Easter Bunny.

With the egg-hiding fur ball out of action, the slacker must take up the mantle, train up (hopefully with a montage) and save Easter.

It’s just in time, as Easter is right around the corner. Except it won’t actually be ready for this year- Universal is aiming to have it in cinemas by next spring and is after a star to play the slacker and another to voice the CG bunny.

All we have to do now is sit back and wait for either A) corporate synergy with Apple, who agree to bring out the iHop (a rabbit with an iPod strapped to its back) or B) a lawsuit from US pancake chain IHOP.

In other Easter Bunny related news, Sony Animation is also leaping - or should that be hopping? - aboard the bunny wagon with Hip Hop, the story of the rabbit ditching his seasonal job to hide out with a family, with the requisite chaos.

Written by Greg Ostrin and Michael Weiss, it's being described by The Hollywood Reporter - in a blatant steal from us - as "Alvin And The Chipmunks meets The Santa Clause." Duelling bunnies ahoy!

[Source: THR ]

Easter Bunny pics, then... Could they be genius? Or stink of rotten eggs?


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