Tron Legacy track online

Tron Legacy

Tron Legacy is taking forever to arrive, and all the teasing currently floating around isn't helping.

To add to the anticipation, Disney have released 90 seconds of music from the flick’s soundtrack online.

Crafted by French duo Daft Punk, the track’s titled ‘The Game Has Changed’, and is pretty recognisable from what we’re heard playing in Legacy ’s many trailers.

Still, it’s a sonorous, atmospheric chunk of scoring, drawing on various inspirations (we heard bits of Zimmer in there, as well as a few Matrix -style twangs and James Newton Howard-inspired blasts).

Not only that, but the first official image of Daft Punk’s appearance in the film has also been released (see above). Check out the track out below…

Tron Legacy opens in cinemas on 17 December.