Treyarch: Activision comment about shutting down PS3 Black Ops servers taken out of context

In response to a customer complaint, a representative for Call of Duty: Black Ops publisher Activision recently suggested that PS3 servers for Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 could be shut down in response to the rising number of reports concerning connectivity issues, hacking, and cheating in multiplayer matches.


But according to Josh Olin, community manager for developer Treyarch, comments from the Activision support manager were “taken out of context.” Olin emphasized that Treyarch is “committed to supporting the PS3 community with some great updates on the way.”

The Activision comment in question, which hinted that shutting down PS3 servers may be a viable solution for online play problems, was posted by Jason Koblovsky. The email chain featuring the official Activision response can be found on Koblovsky’s blog.

Jan 20, 2011



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  • HackersNeedBan - June 23, 2011 6 a.m.

    All i got to say about Black Ops on Playstation 3 it sucks really bad it an modern warfare 2 if you shut it down you'll be giving my money back in small claims court it and all the other games you shut down online that i have i got my reciepts and my map packs i purchased online you get ready for it Treyarch. I've wrote those bastards too many times they never write a message back do you all call that support? If you do something is very wrong about that kind of support they are hiding stuff from these players i've got all kinds of hacking video's i told those bastard how to fix it where they can stop those hacker's in their tracks but no they never answer back and say that is a great idea they are fraud and scam con-artists in my opinion and they are laws against this. If those hacker's aren't off of this game and that goes for call of duty 4, call of duty 5 call of duty 6 and call of duty 7 i'll make sure that modern warfare 3 will not come out and if it does come out accidently this company will be exposed for their non service support online for all of these players. I've got video's others standing around saying they are going to lag switch all game i got others standing around hacking perks by getting killstreak rewards out of their killstreak rewards say like they have a chopper gunner and they kill two people with it and a gunship rises up on the screen that cannot work i have a record about that, i watch others same as on modern warfare 2 i got a tape recorded about others useing those hacking menu's on their game they can control those other players i got records of that as well of them useing aimbots prestiage hacks all kinds of different things i've got others doing all kinds of garbage on the game i got video's of 5th day hacker's already 15th prestiage on tape if they can't suspend those who are doing the hacking for 30 days and ban their accounts and punish those im giving them a straight week from now a little few more days about the matter and then if they can't come up with some idea i specifically shown them how to remove those hacker's from the network and if they don't want to cooperate with me about this matter i'll have them on the news all over the world and prove my point that they are an unfit company that needs put out of bussiness they have lack of support they never answer the phone calls anyone calls them they never write back any messages they hide from the world thinking that they can get by with all that fraud they are doing on the game they will not remove offensive langauge they will not remove cheaters or boosters i've saw alot of those on the game they are banning a couple of nasty perverted emblems i saw on the game but at this time that is all they are doing right now i'll eventually have this all over the news broadcast channels if they want reports breathing down their throats its fine with me i'm tired of being robbed from my money i can't enjoy playing a game the right way i have to stand around an look at all of this bullcrap on the game i got video's of others standing around and makeing two cobra's in the air that can't work on the game the air space would be full i've tested these out to see if they was legitamate they were not. Same goes with all that other things i've saw on the game. They can talk with the media and the press at the news room and let them try to come up with a story about they don't know that hacker's are on the game i can pull up all my mail i sent them and have it for a witness against them if they can't cooperate with someone that knows how to remove them from the network then they can talk and explain why they haven't removed them from the games they created just as the user agreement policy says it is just like useing misleading practices. i've talked with treyarch so many times on an email they never return with no answers this is june 22,2011 by july 1, 2011 i'm going to send in all my video's of me explaining all of what these players are doing on the game and explain all the hacks that are on the game what and how they work i got on modern warfare 2 while back this person tells me to throw a nuke i said to myself WHAT!!! he was a hacker he threw me in a hacking lobby when i joined his session he throws a nuke in my hand controls my plays on the game and i nuke it and it gives me 200,000 points and me not even haveing around 3 kills i've got video's of it so whoever is in charge you need to get up with treyarch and tell them to remove them off the network or they'll be visiting the press and explaining why they haven't removed unwanted hackers off the game they might be a lawsuit out of this world on their heads if they don't that ain't no threat it is a promise made to God. I'm tired of standing around and me and these honest players can't enjoy our game that we paid $63 dollars for brand new you think that is support them not doing nothing about it, I wouldn't count on it so remove them or be removed treyarch thanks for reading.
  • Kountry1 - March 23, 2011 2:05 a.m.

    New updates will not help the problem Mr. Josh Olin community manager for the developer of Treyarch you say great updates are on the way they will hack and get past the updates just like the other times they have so what's the use in it? You have high tech developer's and you let small children out smart you while you take a hard effort of sweat and hard work ahead of you making a game 1000's of people making a game just right and you all thinking your server's are crap their's nothing to this game. No matter how hard you work at it these little stupid punks are going to try to find something new not unless you have your moderators get on the game and stop this garbage from going on they know how they fixed the game they should know how it operates as well because anyone in their right mind knows if a game can't be beaten then it can't be released for others to try to beat it you can't fight against hacker's they are too many of them not unless you recode that ban security system and fix it where it picks up those vac disabler codes that others are useing on it. But after you do that some retarded nerd will get a smart wise outcome and try to do it again. Those unlocalized programs that popped up on the game while back those where not banned those where ones useing those illegal programs on these games i've even saw them used on black ops those 15th prestiage hacking pussy's done me and my friend like that on fireing range long ago throwing error scripts up on the page knocking them off doesn't ban them though because your ban security is weak i bought this game on the 9th of november 2010 throught it was going to be different you all putting a report button option on the game but you all can't detect those sorry bastards on the game and them hacking it with vac disabler codes the naked eye see's more than the system see's and you can't prove nothing about it because your not on the game seeing it just taking others words for it no matter if others does say it ban their game but i have solid proof about it and if i could add my video's on here i would show you on webcam view about the situations that you are up against i've even got my friends voices on webcam while we play it we talk on the phone all the time discussing the matters on the games but if no one is going to support this game shut it down let the hacker's cry about it what can they do about it they are breaking in internet security's hacking your online property that is highly against the law but you want to run more new updates those are all in vain they will not help the matter any they will slip past updates on the game server you should make it in a way for those who likes slipping past security's your stream should be able to catch those who doesn't want to update their games should ban their IP address for that game and put a stop to this bullcrap make them buy them another game and erase it where they can't play it online no more and have it where that vac disabler catch these punks and take their game from them and erase it from online play that would make them think awhile to stop doing things to other players they really love this game that much they need to buy more of your games that way they'll learn not to do it and make a way for them not to play burnt games online most of those company's make a online id number 12 digits on their games to make them come online if they don't have that id code then they have to buy it you all can do all these good things on the game you need to make it in a way for those who likes trying to get past the easy way make it where they will stop doing garbage on this game.
  • Kountry1 - March 23, 2011 12:47 a.m.

    I'll tell you all one thing if these lag switches and hack's don't cease you'll wish your bottom dollars that you did remove them i'm tired of a brand new game i paid $63 dollars for and a brand new system i paid $400.00 for while a bunch of queer's lag switch and lock my game completely solid when my games mess up over you not doing nothing about it you'll be paying me for my game and my system treyarch i got all the proof to put this game off the network so fast you couldn't imagine. All these video's on my flash drive will stand in any court of law you get your sorry no good for nothing rears on this game and fix it or you'll be in court standing with me seeing all of these video's that you didn't want to take care of useing sarcasm to sell your piece of junk games you don't really get a rat turd what others do on the game you just look at that money flowing in your eyes and rubbing your hands together thinking that is all to it you got a bad thing coming to you if you think that is all you are looking at oh boy!!! I got all the proof to have this game permently removed and where no others games made by through infinity ward or treyarch will ever be back on the shelves ever again your 100 to 250 million dollar company and your lawyers that you have working for you want stop the camera with naked eye proof what i have in store to show the judge in the court room and all the prototypes i will have standing to show him this game is unfit and your company is unfit as well that you or no other will support it and have youtube playstation network treyarch infinity ward and further more activision and i should say sony america sued over not supporting their games online and others games are messing up over this because of other adults and kids screwing around with hacks and lag switches and other deceitful devices that are harming others systems and games.
  • Kountry1 - March 22, 2011 11:21 p.m.

    This comment has something to do with connection problems on Black Op's i got things to say about the server's Treyarch and Mr. Olin and Mr. Koblovsky i'm telling you the truth about this matter. In response to a customer complaint, a representative for Call of Duty: Black Ops publisher Activision recently suggested that PS3 servers for Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 could be shut down in response to the rising number of reports concerning connectivity issues, hacking, and cheating in multiplayer matches. You all must be wondering why others are talking about connection problems on the game its got nothing to do with your server's on the game your server's are working fine the players are not working fine they are useing their internet ethernet cable cutting it taking two wires attaching them together orange and white wires cut from the cable then attaching it to light bulb switches flipping the switch up and down freezing it up lag the game how do i know that i've seen it done their's nothing to do with server's your server's on this game works properly and great they are nothing wrong with them it is the pricks that are useing illegal switches switching the game making it work differently making your server's screw up for everyone that is why i was asking for you all to make a T3 Modemn auto host so it can be the host of the game these players that has hacks attached to their ps3 sony screwed up when they made usb ports inside the game so other kids and adults could make sure to download their cheats and add them to the game sony needs to recall all the ps4's and xbox720's they are working on at this time those usb ports aren't going to help the situation any with 4 ports added in them later in the future those dumb bastards stands around and causes the problems useing those ports just enough to add a flash drive device in them what the hell you need with a flash usb port in a ps3 or ps4 and xbox360 or xbox720 that is coming out later in the future you all lost your minds don't you realize that others are going to continue cheating this game you dumb ass stupid headed bastards get your head in the game and straighten up and listen to someone that is telling you the truth they are hurting your gameing industry's you all ain't going to sale that much games if you take these games offline you actually think that others are going to play this game if multiplayer is taken off i would not count on it but most of them buy's this game to hack it you all can stand around and add map packs to the game you can put stores on the game to download map packs you can patch crap on the game why the hell can't you take off a stupid ass hacker you can do all those goody things you make updates for the game they are no sense in making updates all the other moron's just hack them i was playing with a guy long ago on modern warfare 2 named Corba5727 i was going to add him just to see what he was doing on the game and when i tried to add him it said he was not registered underneath the playstation network i asked him on the mic i said hey what's up with you why ain't you added under the playstation network then he flew offline really fast got off the game fast damn cheaters. You all can do all those great things by patching things but you don't want to patch players because you might cry saying your going to lose money hell with money if you ain't going to use it for the right things to support a game you don't need a game you all stood around not doing nothing about hacker's on these games you all always have a good excuse to make for others when a new game comes out and you let usb ports drives screw your profit everytime those people if they won't to hack offline let the dumb sissy ass bastards do it that isn't hurting anything but them online and other players present can't rank or get no where those that does it needs prosecuted and get what they deserve if it is kids they need jail time if it is an adult they need prison time a child needs sent off hacking online security's needs put in a good home so they can watch it what's going to happen later in its life they are up to no good doing those things what next will they hack? Hacking is highly against the law and it is illegal no matter if it is taking useing lag switches or hacks on the game most of them will say no its not anything you make differently from what the game has on it that is modifying infrigment of the owner's copyright on their game get your ass's on there and fix and patch the players and put computer hosts on the game and T3 Modemns and Dedicated server's monitioring these little sick bastards standing around modifying the game put a stop to it once in for all other honest players would respect that from you. We don't need others standing around pulling internet cables out of their game ruining the games for everyone they ain't nothing wrong with your server's why they are messing up is because these dumb foolish bastards stand around lag switching it
  • Kountry1 - March 22, 2011 8:58 a.m.

    I got something to say about this matter most of you that thinks that hacks aren't available for this game on ps3 xbox360 and further more pc i'll tell you one thing if they don't fix garbage on the ps3 network i'm going to go to a law judge and have them shut this piece of garbage down for them im tired of watching others lag switch and use hacks on the game i've got video's watching others perk hacking their perks while a chopper gunner goes up in the air they get two kills with it and then have a gunship that crap doesn't work after all he gets 50 kills no deaths what the hell we suppose to do about it nothing i've wrote treyarch's ass too many times trying to get them to do something about it they never respond back for some secret reason they put a report player option on the game and what happen's it is for abuseive langauge offensive emblems boosting and hacking great sarcasm you have to put on a game to get everyone to buy it telling us all that great stuff that you are going to do about it and I myself i didn't buy a game to watch moron's hack it i've got all the proof and video's to prove all of it even others talking about lag switching whole game and them doing it i've been taking video's on the game others useing illegal garbage on black ops on ps3 network i'll sue your ass's over it treyarch you'll be paying my money back over it and everyone else's im tired of it i got my reciept's you all wont support this game sell it for 63 dollars and while we buy map packs for it 15 more dollars same goes with modern warfare 2 for infinity's wards garbage i got video's on it as well i had others hack it for me to show it in court i have all legal rights to do so i otherwise deleted my account to rank me back down to rank 1 but further more for call of duty 7 black ops i've saw too much garbage on it right now how the hell can we take out hacker's? 15th prestiage faggots on the game 7 days to 15th prestiage they have on their combat records if your rich ass's would get on here and put T3 Modemns on the game like you have on the training and have dedicated server's on the game monitioring these pricks then something might be done about it can you tell me that if a lag switch can lag a T3 modemn if it does you should know about it shouldn't you. No but your too sorry i've bought map packs each and everyone of them for call of duty 4,5,6 and 7 i've watched crap go on all these games what is going to happen when you make modern warfare 3 when it is released you going to stand around and let others hack it after 2 weeks as well with aimbots no recoils on gun invisible hacks rank hacks all kinds of garbage they have on those illegal programs that is hacking your online server's don't you know that the F.B.I is very highly against watching others hack online server's hacking them don't you know that your ass's can get in alot of red tape trouble over these matters selling us a game and then others standing around cheating the hell out of it you think it is fair your suppose to be the experts what are you doing NOTHING!!! I've watched crap go on, on these games until im sick of it i've reported the hell out of nasty perverted emblems that others use on the game no one doesn't want to see that nasty shit they are kids that plays the game parents doesn't want to see them watching it this game was meant for 17+ age and older that is what the cartiridge says what do you do you allow kids to screw a game and most adults 66% hacker's on the game while the 34% gets their ass's screwed on the game you don't want to do nothing about it your just sitting by allowing it to go on they are alot of kids putting nasty perverted stuff on here i even had my friends to do it just to see if you would take them off but no you don't want to take and ban them you'll lose money well you better be taking and doing something about it i'm giving you another month to decide my patiences is running slim on you all i reported my friends for that garbage you don't do nothing about it you should atleast suspend their accounts and make them remove this nasty stuff when i first got on a game on wager matches 2 turds standing around boosting on villa map while we wager our money in getting bonus's off their time while me and my friends has to stand around watching it go on i've reported them nothing done about it wow that is great telling everyone these great ideas you come up with just to get them to buy your sorry piece of garbage game well further more it don't really matter if you do take it off here i've got more games to play online instead of ur stupid game i got on call of duty 4 the other night going to play it awhile this person has a grenade launcher standing around infinite ammo shooting the screen full of smoke that was $60 dollars when it came out call of duty 5 others standing around useing brownings1919's and mg42's with no recoils on their guns mowing others down around them how the hell do you exspect us to win or even rank up?
  • Ch0doBoy - January 21, 2011 2:56 a.m.

    Atleast y'all don't pay to play like us 360 owners. It's even more annoying when i pay something around 50+ bucks a year to play a game that does not play all that well. At that, I put 60 bucks into the game. Y'all have the same issue, it seems that they responded faster to the PS network. All i have to say is, I wish the would learn to check the complaint list of players. I have seen some mods(IE: head shots from across the map with a pistol) and reported, and the person just keeps playing and playing. No company honestly cares what the consumer thinks, that is until the product stops selling. Then they listen. Activision is digging its own grave. Though Bops is a good game, it's still miles away from being fixed.
  • JohnnyMaverik - January 21, 2011 1:35 a.m.

    Activision just really, really suck at PR.
  • SideOfBeef - January 21, 2011 1:18 a.m.

    Activision took flak for an out of context quote? What are the chances?
  • xXIrEdOuTsXx - January 21, 2011 1:04 a.m.

    who cares about mw2 thats gay . but why ruin all the fun by doing that with black ops i bought that game just for online . you should block the psn acconts that been complained about god come on and think
  • Defguru7777 - January 21, 2011 12:41 a.m.

    Good that they won't shut down the servers (I never seriously thought they would), but hopefully these "great" updates will be the Master Sword to the Ganondorf that is the hacker.
  • thesystemaddicts - January 20, 2011 11:32 p.m.

    For so long it was nothing but "I'm happy I have a PS3, no one hacks on it". And now the damn roofs caved in and Sony has no fail-safes in place. Xbox live is far from perfect - but at least they've got security teams tracking players online. It doesn't seem like Sony has anything to monitor things. So disappointing.
  • Trg564 - January 20, 2011 11:24 p.m.

    Shutting down servers isn't a solution. It just make poeple want to play Activision stuff less
  • Mikaro - January 20, 2011 11:21 p.m.

    I've rarely experienced any bugs or lag on Black Ops OR MW2 on PS3. The only time I can recall such happening is when playing online split screen on Blops but, even then it's rather rare.
  • SolidLatino - January 20, 2011 11:04 p.m.

    The only time I saw that story was on gamesradar.
  • bobbybroccoli - January 20, 2011 10:59 p.m.

    Ps3 gets owned by bugs. I'm sorry, but I had to say it.
  • HowdyCowboyCheesesBurger0911 - January 20, 2011 10:59 p.m.

    So which website was the first to take it out of context?

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