Torn limb from limb - Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 4 – 2005 – GameCube, PS2

If you haven’t played RE 4, you ought to. We know RE 5’s a direct sequel, set a few years after RE 4. That plot featured former Raccoon City cop turned secret agent Leon Kennedy traveling to a small Spanish village to rescue the president’s daughter. Bad news for Leo: the entire population was infected with a mind-altering parasite called Las Plagas. Anyway, the leader of the stupid cult that kidnapped the president’s daughter, Osmund Saddler, is using the parasites to control the other cult members. Or rather, he was, as he’s (presumably) killed during the events of RE 4.

But the thing is this –-as Leon and Ashley escape the island seconds before it explodes, the sample of Plagas King - the most potent form of the parasite - is unaccounted for. So what in the hell does this have to do with Redfield and pals? Well, we know former S.T.A.R.S. captain Albert Wesker wants to get his hands on Las Plagas, to rebuild the fallen Umbrella Corporation. Now washed up in a nearby location (looks like Morocco?), could it be that Resident Evil 5 is a race between Wesker and the Redfield crew to claim that lost sample? Our answer: yes it definitely is.