Torn limb from limb - Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 – The future

If Resident Evil 4’s story-line seemed like a huge logical leap compared to the rest of the series, then Resident Evil 5 will be the title that ties all those loose ends into intriguing knots - before advancing the series’ storyline in ways that you couldn’t even begin to imagine. The fate of the Plagas King sample holds the keys to unlocking Resident Evil 5’s secrets. Those creatures we’ve seen in our brief glimpses of the game - with the organizational skills of the Ganados but the bloodthirsty lust of earlier zombies... What exactly does this uber-parasite do, exactly?

And, if it’s capable of withstanding higher doses of radiation than before, how do we kill it? Perhaps the Plagas’ other weakness - a strong aversion to light - holds the key. If the Xbox 360’s ability to handle dynamically lit outside areas is used to its full potential, we could find ourselves desperately trying to find light sources to survive - a perfect counterweight to The Darkness, where you of course have to do the exact opposite. And with heat exhaustion a constant factor in the searing Mediterranean heat, how long can you afford to stay in the shade for too?

2008. It’s a long way to go, and we know it’s currently deadlocked in developmental hell. No matter. So was Resident Evil 4. Capcom has released only enough details to allow us to piece together one small thing. And that one thing is this: Resident Evil 5 is going to rip your freaking lungs out. Which means it’s going to be thoroughly entertaining. Just wait.