Too Human

Hands up, if everyone remembers Too Human, that rather uninspired third-person adventure that was universally panned at E3 2006? Do all you can to forget everything you’ve learned about it. Seriously, untie those knots, steal one of those memory wipers from Men in Black; if all else fails, bang your head against a brick wall. Because our latest impressions won’t just knock your socks clean off - they’ll be blasting them off like.

We weren’t too quick to write off Too Human as the rest of the media world. See, we knew Silicon Knights had the pedigree to make it stick. And we all remember the GameCube’s fantastic Eternal Darkness looking like shit almost right up until release. Now it’s finally entering the final stages of development (Microsoft won’t rule out a 2007 release, although with big hitters like Mass Effect and Halo 3 also coming, it seems more likely it’ll be early 2008), Silicon Knights has allowed us to see what the game is really like - and it’s seriously impressive.


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