Tomb Raider: Legend

In fact, Legend is all about getting back to the roots of what made the first Tomb Raider such a great game to begin with. This means revisiting the special brand of acrobatic puzzles that caused so many gamers tortuous, agonizing headaches (but in a good way). Lara also adds some new gadgets to her belt, including a grappling hook she can use to swing across chasms and rope in hard-to-reach items. In an attempt to crank up the realism, all of Lara's equipment will be viewable on her person, dangling from her belt or strapped to her curvy self. While the series' signature repertoire of flips, pirouettes, and other gymnastic feats are touted as being even easier to use with improved, fluid animations.

There is definitely much here to suggest a tremendous return to form. This is great news for the many hardline 'Raider fans who have stuck with the series through recent disappointments. If this game can help banish the misery and push the series' popularity back towards its 1990s heyday it'll be an astonishing achievement. Keep your browser pointed at GamesRadar and be the first to get the lowdown on the biggest comeback in gaming history.