Tomb Raider Anniversary - new impressions

Lara’s back. Again. It’s alright though, since Anniversary is really living up to its promise of delivering a superb reworking of the original Tomb Raider. And it’s still found room to squeeze in all the best bits from the recent Tomb Raider: Legend.

If you’ve been following our coverage of the game’s progress, you’ll be very familiar with the dino-infested Peru level and its rejigged, logic-straining cog puzzle. Our latest bash at the game takes us to a temple in Greece that, as these brand new screenshots show, is even more stunning and challenging than Peru. Click the Images tab above for sexy new screens.

The highlight is a breathtaking puzzle based around navigating your way down a chasm. Tricky platforms stick out at diabolical angles, forcing you to perform leaps of faith that’d make you cover your eyes were it not for the fact you need to make sure Lara grabs onto each ledge. The drop is so huge you can’t actually see the bottom, and there’s a horrible crunch when Lara’s soft body meets the hard temple floor. The objective is to enter four rooms (named after Greek legends) awkwardly positioned at various points down the chasm. Lara must solve a puzzle in each room so she can pick up an object that opens one of four doors at the very bottom of the chasm. It’s full of stand-out moments that consistently keep the action fresh.


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