Tomb Raider Anniversary - new impressions

Greece is the word for Lara

Lara%26rsquo;s back. Again. It%26rsquo;s alright though, since Anniversary is really living up to its promise of delivering a superb reworking of the original Tomb Raider. And it%26rsquo;s still found room to squeeze in all the best bits from the recent Tomb Raider: Legend.

If you%26rsquo;ve been following our coverage of the game%26rsquo;s progress, you%26rsquo;ll be very familiar with the dino-infested Peru level and its rejigged, logic-straining cog puzzle. Our latest bash at the game takes us to a temple in Greece that, as these brand new screenshots show, is even more stunning and challenging than Peru. Click the Images tab above for sexy new screens.

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