Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

Sam Fisher's next outing - exclusive to Xbox 360

Not content on being the first console to sell ten million units in record time, while Sony botched the PS3 debut and Nintendo%26rsquo;s shaky-wavy low-def remote box can't be found anywhere, Microsoft aren%26rsquo;t resting on their laurels. And bagging Ubisoft%26rsquo;s leading man exclusively on Xbox 360 is another punch to the solar plexus of the competition. To say that Microsoft was pleased with the coup%26hellip; well that%26rsquo;s an understatement. And when they said Conviction %26rsquo;s 360 exclusivity is %26ldquo;a testament to the ability of 360 to deliver a complete experience no other console can match,%26rdquo; it was a smug, verbal flip of the bird to their rivals.

Understandably, they didn%26rsquo;t focus on the big wedge of cash they%26rsquo;ve no doubt splashed out, especially if they%26rsquo;re to prevent different Splinter Cells emerging from Ubisoft%26rsquo;s hit factory on different platforms. One thing is for sure though, the only pics that have surfaced of Sammy F%26rsquo;s next adventure focus on making, er, Sammy F%26rsquo;s second Xbox 360 outing perfectly attuned to the console. Any other Cell games will be poor, pale imitations.

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