This is how Game of Thrones season 6 is going to end

With just one episode of Game of Thrones season 6 left to go, we’ll soon be starting the long wait for the next season, but before then, we have the finale! While it’s traditionally the second to last episode that contains the big moments/deaths of the show, the last episode is just as important because it sets us up for next season. Duh. 

With that in mind, the Thrones experts at GamesRadar+ have been arguing over how the season will end so we thought we’d let you decide. Below are six opinions on what will happen on Sunday so check them out and vote for the prediction you think is right in the poll at the end.

Andy Hartup thinks the whole place will burn down

With fire. Fuckloads of fire. That's how Game of Thrones season 6 will end. King’s Landing is going to burn, because Cersei is going to set off all those jars of wildfire that Mad King Aerys left lying around. Let's look at the evidence: Cersei is on her own in King’s Landing. As The Queen of Thorns points out, no-one likes her, she has no allies, and the common people despise her. She has nothing to lose by burning the lot of them. 

Now, she has had Qyburn, her mad-professor-style companion investigating a mysterious rumour. That rumour is very likely to be the existence of thousands of barrels of wildfire sat underneath the city as a 'last resort' option. Few know they exist - Tyrion discovered it when he prepared for the battle of the Blackwater - but you can be damn sure Cersei has found out. And the interesting extra piece of evidence to make this theory correct as hell? Bran has been seeing the Mad King in his visions, shouting "Burn them all!". 

Why show us that at all unless his final few moments are going to be brought to bear on the rest of the season? Why make season 6 feel redemptive for Jaime Lannister unless you were going to reveal that the Kingslayer actually saved the kingdom? And what better way to outdo the shocks of previous seasons by giving us not just a 'significant character death' but the death of the most iconic city in all of Westeros. It's on!

James Jarvis has big plans for Bran

Yes there’ll be wildfire but the ending to Thrones season 6 has a lot more to offer than an explosion. Plus they’ve spent all their production money on that incredible Battle of the Bastards and three giant dragons so I’d expect this episode to be a little less expensive.

Let’s get the (what seems to be) obvious out of the way first. Yes, it’s more than likely, considering the amount of foreshadowing that’s being going on this season, that Cersei will stand trial but it’ll be interrupted by an explosion of wildfire under the sept. She’ll live, possibly protected by The Mountain. But it’s elsewhere where things could get interesting. To Winterfell! Where everyone is happy. Well, everyone except Ser Davos, who confronts Melisandre about burning Shireen and forces her to tell Jon. Jon will forgive her but Ser Davos can’t let it go so takes matters into his own hands. I wouldn’t be surprised if Melisandre reveals her ‘true self’ before meeting her end.

Sansa is also going to have follow through on her promise to Littlefinger and give him what he wants, which is probably marriage and a seat of power alongside her and Jon. But does she have a darker secret? Let’s not forget what Ramsey says to her right before his face gets eaten by that lovable dog? “I’m a part of you now”. Prepare for a pregnancy. 

Finally plot device Bran will return for a season finale trip to the tower of Joy. Here we’ll learn (confirm) who Jon Snow’s parents are. In more Bran prediction news he’ll also make it to The Wall but, having been touched by the Night King, allows the White Walkers to follow him. His final act is warging into the white bird we see in the trailer to become the messenger of winter - delivering letters to all the major houses with the news that winter is here. The final shot of the season is The Wall beginning to collapse. The winds of winter are coming. 

Dan Dawkins... doesn't know

Having never watched Game of Thrones, ever, bar the surprisingly boring first 15 minutes of season 1, episode 1, I can confidently predict that the latest series will end… badly. That’s it: badly

Matt Elliott wants a united north

How can the finale top episode 9? With fucking massive explosion. But it’ll make you wait. We’ll see a bit of Cersei's trial, which sadly puts the kibosh on Cleganebowl, but most of the episode will be about the fallout from the Battle of the Bastards. Now that she’s single - well, widowed - Sansa will have promised herself to Robin Arryn or, more creepily, Littlefinger himself. This is our first sign Sansa understands the great game more than Jon. She’s playing them.

Davos will confront Melisandre about Princess Shireen. Pity and loyalty to Jon will prevent him from killing her. He’ll force her to admit what she did to Jon, but nothing will happen. Brienne will return and hopefully have a moment with bearded sexwalrus Tormund, and Jon will unite the other Houses of the North under the Stark banner. Except the Karstarks and the Umbers, of course. They’re fucked. 

Elsewhere, we’ll see Ayra land in Westeros, just as her direwolf Nymeria returns to Winterfell and reunites with Ghost. Sadly, there’s no way Dany is getting to Westeros. The last thing we’ll see is them getting intercepted by the Iron Fleet in transit. 

Finally, Jaime will have dinner with the Freys but leave disgusted. As he rushes back to King’s Landing, he’ll see the whole city go up in flames. Qyburn will have detonated the wildfire under Cersei's command, and we won’t know who’s alive or dead, leaving us with a loooong wait for season 7.

Susan Arendt thinks we'll be kept in the dark

Ok, look. I stopped reading the books halfway through the fourth one because who the hell wants to read that much about Bran? Nobody. So I’m basing everything on the show, which is now its own thing anyway, so let’s just crack on. We’re definitely not going to find out about Jon’s real parentage - that’ll be saved for next season. We are going to have a *highly* creepy scene between Littlefinger and Sansa where he tries to get her to marry him and she refuses him because she’s finally free of husbands and likely wants to stay that way. I very much doubt she’s pregnant, and even if she is, she’ll have one Maester or another get rid of it. She won’t bear Bolton’s brat, no way.

Cersei is going to go on trial and be found guilty, because of course she is, and she’ll likely end up fleeing King’s Landing and bumping into Arya and the Hound, who will cross each others paths again, for sure. If Dany makes it to Westeros (big if), she’ll attack Theon and Yara’s uncle and find out oh, hey, this fighting thing is tougher than I’d thought. She’ll ultimately win, though. Settled in at Winterfell, Jon’s direwolf, Ghost, will *finally* get his well-earned belly rub. I think he’s also got a squeaky toy coming to him, frankly.

Lauren O'Callaghan hopes Daenerys will make it to Westeros

As far as I’m concerned, Game of Thrones season 6 is going to end with Dany’s feet firmly on Westeros soil, and not just because if it doesn’t, I’m official done with Thrones. Come on, it’s been SIX SEASONS already and she’s still not that close to becoming Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Sure, she’s done some stuff, got a few dragons, freed some people, but her main motivation in the show is still to return to King’s Landing and take back her father’s throne. Let’s be honest, she’s done fuck all this season, and I think that means that the big thing of the finale will be her arrival. It came as a bit of a surprise that Yara and Theon turned up on her doorstep so quickly after leaving the Iron Island so why can’t they head back (with Daenerys and co in tow) just as quickly? 

Jon and Sansa will settle back into Winterfell, just in time for Sansa to find out she’s pregnant with Ramsay’s child and marry Littlefinger. Cersei will be found guilty, but I think her fate will be saved until next season. Jaime will still be hanging out with the Frey’s and hopefully slapping them about. Ayra will land back in Westeros, and Bran will have another super useful flashback vision thingamabob, which will confirm Jon’s true parentage. And Daenerys will rock up on the beach with her entourage, her soldiers, her people, and her dragons, and King Tommen will be all like, “Who the fuck are you?” Then, for season 7 - war. It’ll be brilliant! 


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