The top 5 moments in Tomb Raiding

1) Fighting a T-Rex

Having dispatched with a couple of troublesome Raptors, Lara finds herself on the run from an oddly polygonal Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Can I do it in Anniversary?

Oh yes. The T-Rex battles will be Anniversary’s action core.

2) The Swan Dive

Lara calmly walks to the edge of the cliff, then - with surprising grace for one so unaerodynamically designed - swan dives into the clear blue water below. It’s a stunning moment.

Can I do it in Anniversary?

Yes you will. Expect arching, breath-swiping dives.

3) Lara’s house

There’s always a guilty, dirty thrill in rummaging through Lara’s house, even if she doesn’t appear to have an underwear drawer. Not that we’ve looked. No, really, we haven't. Ok, fine, maybe we did once. For three hours. With the lights off and the lotion prepared.

Can I do it in Anniversary?

Yes. And in the biggest, most detailed mansion yet.


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