The Sims Life Stories review

  • You can totally go online AND play
  • Low maintenance Sims
  • Designed for Laptops
  • Slimmed down so much
  • Doesn't expand on The Sims
  • Poor performance on high-end PC's

Wonderfully, even the most wholesomely intentioned recreations of humanity can create the oddest events. It’s like wholesomeness just won’t stick. And so, a lovely, clean-cut young lady strolls to the bathroom door to watch as the lovely, clean-cut object of her affections takes a dump. OK, this shocker was more likely created by her need to use the crapper herself - she eventually wandered to the other toilet - than by a love of scatological voyeurism, but still. Our eyebrows still rose.

Life Stories is still The Sims, hence the obsession with regular bowel movements, snacks, naps, showers, chores and all the other wearisome time-sinks of life. But it seriously slims down on all the sofas, PVC conservatories, clothes and hats stuff (for now), which may make you think, “Oh no! I’ll kill myself.” Don’t (for now). Instead, Life Stories throws you into a fully developed house and lifestyle, and tasks you with managing a person’s soap-opera-like affairs. Moore is a love-lorn millionaire tech-nerd, Harlow a walking romantic comedy. Their high-drama, low-maintenance tales are aimed at those lacking the time to hit The Sims 2 and really choose virtual wallpaper well.

But how low-maintenance can it really be? EA is actually talking up how you can IM or browse the net while playing. Kidz, gather round. This is so now, so totally future. It’s presented as a feature, when in fact Life Stories just runs in a window. We found we could also send text messages, write this review, make sandwiches or just leave completely. It’s also aimed at laptop users and those on lower-spec PCs, so it’s strange that it runs somewhat jerkily, and loads rather slowly, even on a catwalk PC like our review rig. 

Life Stories drops so much of the time-wasting there’s little left to do, except slavishly following the “Goals” indicator, or browsing the internet in a happening, modish kind of way. And kidz! It’s even possible to IM and browse the Internet without Life Stories running. How w1ck3d is that?

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Release date: Feb 06 2007 - PC (US)
Available Platforms: PC
Genre: Simulation
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Electronic Arts
ESRB Rating:


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