The sexy girls of MGS 4

Sept 6, 2007

In the mind-blowing Metal Gear Solid 4 movie recently shown at the Leipzig Game Convention, we're treated to our first sighting of the Beauty in the Beast unit. These armoured, and extremely angry, metal monsters are the main antagonists in MGS4 and will no doubt be trying to stop Snake from reaching his objective at every given moment.

Last month we revealed  that model and actress Yumi Kikuchi would be using her talents to provide the motion capture for one of these beasts. We're guessing Kikuchi will be Laughing Octopus, based on nothing more than the fact that she’s smiling and if you really squint you could almost mistake her lovely flowing locks for tentacles.

Pictures of Scarlett Chorvat, Mieko Rye and Lyndall Jarvis - the three other lovely ladies that producer Hideo Kojima recruited to perform motion-capture duties for these metal monstrosities -can found on the next three pages.


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