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We’re starting to get embarrassed when developers launch into the now over-familiar checklist of claims and promises for their next release - as conversation turns to the topic of “living, breathing gameworlds,” “super-intelligent NPCs” and “genuine non-linear gameplay” we look at our shoes, bite our lips and try to steer the chat round to other subjects, such as the local sports team. Anything to resist the urge to yell “Bullshit.”

But when it’s true gaming pioneer and UK development legend David Braben doling out the promises, we soak up the optimism. When Braben told us that his aim is to cater to facetious gamers like himself who want to “go down the side route… to do the unexpected,” and that Frontier was working on an adventure in which “all the characters exist in the game from the start, going about their lives… and their future actions are not pre-determined,” we listened. And from what we’ve seen of The Outsider so far, our trust hasn’t been misplaced.


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