The longest game intro movie ever

We expose the first 35 minutes of Yakuza 2

Yakuza 2, the sequel to Sega%26rsquo;s sprawling gang-land saga, was just released in Japan. We loved the original so much %26ndash; seriously, go get it %26ndash; that we couldn%26rsquo;t wait to rip off the plastic and get back to beating the crap out of henchmen. Too bad the game wouldn%26rsquo;t let us for over a half hour. What!? This isn%26rsquo;t Xenosaga, Sega. We don%26rsquo;t want forty minutes of cutscenes before the game even starts. If every game let us beat up a yakuza henchman on the title screen, then surely the videogame industry would be in a better state. Anyway, we braved the opening %26ldquo;credits%26rdquo; to show you what you%26rsquo;re in for. Grab a sandwich, put down your PS2 controller and hell, even take a nap. Enjoy!

10 seconds
The sequel to Japan%26rsquo;s answer to Grand Theft Auto opens in a seedy Japanese nightclub some time in the 1980s. People dance really badly for a bit, then someone gets shot in an alleyway.

Interesting tidbit
The game comes on two DVDs, so expect a lengthy, time-eating adventure with plenty of cutscenes.


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