The Howling will be rebooted


Following New Moon’s entirely predictable success at the box office - in case you haven’t heard, it grossed $140.7 million this weekend, making it the third highest grossing opening of all time - it appears that werewolves could be making a comeback.

The Wolfman’s been ready to attack for a while, and now marketing exec Joe Nimziki is turning auteur to bring us a Howling reboot.

Nimziki will be directing his own script, which may or may not follow the plot of the original.


Joe Dante’s Howling saw Dee Wallace’s newswoman  Karen White being sent to a weird rehabilitation centre after being attacked by a unusually hirsute serial killer.

We imagine Nimziki is currently drafting a few topless hunky teens into his script, in preparation for a February shoot targeting a Halloween release.


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