The Club

The most old fashioned new game we've played in a while...

Nov 12, 2007

The Club is as tricky a game to explain in this preview as it presumably was for devs Bizarre Creations to pitch to some cynical Sega suits. We can picture it now: %26ldquo;Um, so we%26rsquo;ve come up with a really novel take on the third-person shooter. It%26rsquo;s Gears of War meets Project Gotham meets Tekken meets Tony Hawk meets Time Crisis meets... The Most Dangerous Game. Ever. And it%26rsquo;s like The Running Man. Er, can we have some cash?%26rdquo; Cue door slamming in face... or, rather, not. You see, after a day of fun playing The Club it seems Bizarre might have the kernel of a pretty amazing idea after all... though that%26rsquo;s not to say The Club doesn%26rsquo;t have its problems.


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