The Club

If you stop moving, you die. That's the kind of shooter The Club is. It flips the bird at the modern trend in shooters - that of slowing the pace down and forcing you to use enough cover to conceal an obese elephant. Nope, pick up that caution and lob it into the wind because The Club is an old-fashioned arcade shooter blast-a-thon that’s all about quick reactions and precise aiming - and remembering when and where to point your gun.

In fact, every level plays exactly the same way each time you play it, with the focus on learning the levels and being able to perfect them, rather than having to think on the fly. It’s a high-score game, but far from being the retro experience that sounds, it’s actually quite forward-looking in what is an over-represented genre on Xbox. Stop running and you die. Take your finger off the trigger and you die. And if you don’t keep your wits about you, you’ll probably die anyway.

This is due in part to the odds being stacked against you. The Club from which the game takes its name is a rather unsavory organization that puts together organized deathmatches for gambling purposes. Participants are split into two categories - the Hunters and the Prey - and you probably won’t be surprised to learn that your character belongs in the latter of the two camps. So it’s off to a number of specially-designed arenas with your character - who, with his eye-searing bald head and genuine psychopathic tendencies resembles a male Britney Spears - for a big old shoot-out with his assailants.


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