TalkRadar 63 - Hardcore Aquatica

We're giving away a buttload of FREE GAMES AND DVDS. Plus sharks, GI Joe, Sexy Poker, and more!

The Top 7... Deadliest shark attacks - That fella bellow is possibly experiencing his first case of broken balls.

How to use your GameShark for good - not evil - Tyler shows you how to employ the late, great relic of forgotten cheats.

The 9 most ridiculous things in Jaws Unleashed - If Shark Week doesn%26rsquo;t keep moving, it dies! Thus, Mikel fired up this legendarily bad game in a selfless feat of stunt journalism.

Opposing opinion: Shark Week sucks - GR Wildlife editor, B. Buttercup thinks Shark Week is bullshit.

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WIN TMNT 25th Anniversary DVD - Again, head to our forums to enter. (Trust us - it ain%26rsquo;t hard.)

WIN a rare and final copy of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance %26ndash; specializes in rare and hard to find games, and they've given usthree copiesof the recently resurrected,promotional version of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance to give away! Could be the last ever produced, so an extremely cool get for any MK fan/collector. Head to the TalkRadar forums to enter. Head to their site to buy one directly.

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Knowing G.I. Joe has been pretty terrible across the board is the other half of the battle. Tune in for the irrefutable truth.

We%26rsquo;ve ripped the songs from the rare and expensive Comic-Con Marvel vs Capcom 2 Mix Tape vinyl. Join us in listening to an actual record for the first time this century.

Question of the Week 47: What once-beloved game do you now hate?

Above: We downloaded Sexy Poker for WiiWare%26hellip;

Above: ...and caused a whole mess of journalism

Above: Chris%26rsquo;s poor fashion sense got even more humiliating, not once%26hellip;

Above: ...but twice, in less than a week!

Above: %26ldquo;I form the bottom!%26rdquo;

Above: patriotfan09 helped Transmatrix celebrate finishing the TalkRadar back catalogue

Above: A former OXM editor can%26rsquo;t even stop by for a brief visit anymore without being confused for Crush from Finding Nemo. Thanks lucashintz

Above: We hope you%26rsquo;re right Clustershart

Above: Mechamorbo is behind B. Buttercup a million percent

Above: Listen to TR #62 to get Bobbety%26rsquo;s reference

Above: k1ng94 takes us inside the mind of a point-and-click fiend

Above: SausageLozenge sneaks a late entry into the now dead 300 Blu-ray Contest

Above: Killdrone make us a hip rock combo. Keen!

Post date:
August 7, 2009
Time: 2:23:53
Quote of the Week: %26ldquo;COBRA plots are giant, impractical money sinks!%26rdquo;
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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