TalkRadar 29 – all about LucasArts

PlayStation Magazine EIC Rob Smith stops by to tell you every single thing LucasArts ever did

This week we discuss Rogue Leaders, a tell-all book about LucasArts, written by PlayStation Magazine%26rsquo;s Editor-In-Chief Rob Smith... who patiently sits through our ramblings long enough to plug his massive tome. If you%26rsquo;ve ever wanted to know all kinds of trivial nonsense about Star Wars, Maniac Mansion or a planet called Fractalus, this is your podcast.

For the rest of you, there%26rsquo;s talk of Left 4 Dead, Native American stereotypes and a question of the week that could conjure up horrible memories. Oh, we%26rsquo;re also giving away something worth $300, so listen the hell up!

Explicit Content Within! Persons with delicate ears should definitely not listen, as they will hear edgy no-no words freely spoken on South Park and HBO.

11-27-08 | Length - 2:08:30 | Opening song by

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Top 7... Native American stereotypes%26ndash; do seven traits a stereotype make?

Left 4 Dead plan gone wrong%26ndash; let%26rsquo;s go get %26lsquo;em guOHSHHIIIIIIIIT

PaletteSwap Ninja%26rsquo;s new song%26ndash; make a video to it and you%26rsquo;ll win this 30GB media device below. Details in the podcast!

Above: Win this!

Rogue Leaders%26ndash; on sale now! Any self-respecting gamer should check it out

Above: Buy this!

EGM closing next year?%26ndash; could one of the industry%26rsquo;s oldest mags fold in %26rsquo;09?

Question 13: What%26rsquo;s the biggest gaming loss you%26rsquo;ve suffered?


Quote of the week:
%26ldquo;Burgess Meredith voiced a game? %26lsquo;Rocky, get the yellow key to proceed!%26rsquo;%26rdquo;

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Above: Scott from PTOM swings by to tell us things we had to edit out because a certain company would kill us if that news got out

Above: Nothing says Earth friendly like an electricity-guzzling blow dryer

Nov 27, 2008

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