Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology Unlockables

  • Unlockable: New Game Bonus

    After completing the game once, you may restart it with your old status and all of your old possessions in tact.
    Submitted by None
  • Get Ninja Job

    To get this job, start the game as a thief and keep playing the game as one until you get to the second city Doplund. Then work on the job of fighter and a little bit of mage get the theif job level to 34 the mage level to 7 the fighter well just stay a fighter. Complete the second area afterwards you get to the third city Gravada get Senel from (TOL) as a partner selection do his training missions until the trial match against him after that he will notice your strength and give you the job of a ninja, GP cost: 1000
    Submitted by The great one
  • To Learn the Secret Skills of the Mage

    1) Master Fire ball: learn Eruption
    2) Master Stone Blast: learn Stalagmite
    3) Master Wind Blade: learn Air thrust
    4) Master Stalagmite: learn Earth quake
    5) Master aqua edge: learn Spread
    Submitted by Addictzzz
  • Get the Hunter job

    To get this job, start the game as a thief and keep playing the game as one until you get the fighter invitation by the Majic Knight, Kratos. Then work on the job of fighter until you get to the third city Gavada. Do not get any quests from Gavada. Go back to Allily and complete the quests from Chester until the match against him and Arche. Do some quests then afterwards, notice that you have a mission from Arche, to make her a Mabo curry, a gift for Chester. After that, go to the Allily Guild and you will see that Arche gived the Mabo curry to Chester, but he denied it. Then go back to Allily plaza and you will talk to Chester. He will give you the Hunter invitation. Grade Points cost: 100
    Submitted by The greatest
  • Magic Knight Invitation

    To get this job, complete all of the quests Kratos gives you until he asks you to spar with him. He is very hard because he always heals with First Aid whenever his health is halfway down, but once you beat him and complete the quest talk to him and he will give you the Magic Knight invite.
    Submitted by Game Freak
  • Necromancer Job

    Finish every quests from Tear. She will ask you to spare with her, and when you defeated her, she will give you the necromancer invitation.
    Submitted by gio edma

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Release date: Jul 17 2007 - PSP (US)
Available Platforms: PSP
Genre: Role Playing
Published by: Namco Bandai
Developed by: Namco Bandai
Franchise: Tales of...
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Teen: Suggestive Themes, Mild Fantasy Violence, Mild Language