Tabula Rasa

Drugs are good. Probably. Or maybe they’re not. Richard Garriott just can’t help making you think about this stuff. His fame was founded on the moral dilemmas of the Ultimas, the games that established the very framework of what we consider the modern PC RPG. You can draw a line from his early work, via Baldur’s Gate, to today’s greats such as Knights of the Old Republic and Neverwinter Nights 2. But Garriott no longer makes single-player RPGs.

For seven years, Garriott and his team at NCsoft Austin have been working on bringing the single-player dilemmas of the modern RPG to the massively multiplayer world. Hence the drugs.

Aliens have invaded. They’re called the Bane, and they have horrific abilities. One: they have the technology to warp matter and energy, and make really big guns with it. Two: they can resurrect the dead, and send them back onto the battlefield, carrying really big guns. Three: they’re evil. Fighting that threat are the heroic players of the Allied Free Sentient Forces (you), and an assortment of stim-snorting AI friendlies.


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